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Meet Alex Rusch – 4th Gen Farmer, Indiana Native and Midland Partner

Meet Alex Rusch – this 4th generation farmer and Indiana native harvested around 9-10 thousand acres this past year. When he’s not working on his family farm, L&R Rusch Farms, you can find him documenting daily life on the farm through his Instagram or YouTube channel. We talked to Alex about what comms equipment he likes to use on his farm that spreads across three counties and two states (and doesn’t get great cell service).

Can you tell us a little about your farm?

Our farm is wide spread across three counties and two states farming around 9-10k acres. We run all John Deere equipment and have recently started using Midland radios.

Alex Rusch recommends the MicroMobile line for farmers.


Which Midland radios do you use?

We are currently using the MXT115 MicroMobiles® and the X-Talker® T290VP4 two-way radios.

What is the most important radio for your operation?

The most important radio we use are the MicroMobiles®. They are easy to install in equipment and to move between machines.

Alex Rusch recommends the MXT115 for farmers.

What radio do you suggest for farmers?

I would suggest the MicroMobile® line. They are very easy to use and very simple.

Any advice for farmers using radio communication?

Farmers need to be able to communicate between machines to keep moving on a daily basis. You must communicate freely with other operators to be able to communicate the next move or the next job. Communication is key in the farming industry.