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Midland Pro Program

Built for Communication. Made for Connection.

Why Team up with us?

Midland's Pro Program is our way of providing leading members of the community and industry access to Midland products at exclusive pricing.

As a member of the Midland team, you represent our brand when you communicate with people on the farm, off roading, or wherever your adventure takes you.

We are grateful for members like you that take our brand to new heights.

All applicants will be thoroughly reviewed by the Midland team and eligibility of this program is at Midland's discretion. To apply for the Midland Pro Program, complete the form below.

Questions? Contact us!


Q:How will I know if I am accepted as part of the Pro Program?

A:Midland will reach out to you within 14 days of your application and inform you of your status.

Q:Are all Midland products included in the Pro Program discount?

A:Some exclusions apply. Excludes Biztalk.

Q: Can other people use my Pro discount?

A:The discount is only for your personal use.