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Midland Ambassador Spotlight

Aaron Scullin: hitched 4 fun

Q: Favorite place you've traveled?

A: Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona. 

Q: Most memorable adventure?

A:Hiking the entire High Sierra Trail HST with my youngest son for my 50th birthday. Portal to portal we covered about 80 miles in 9 days.

Q:What does Midland mean to you?

A:Quality, reliability, dependability, and security. Communication is key in “situational awareness.” I also like supporting an American company.



I have been using Midland handheld radios for several decades. Handhelds are a must- have when backing up large RVs into campsites. I think your radios have helped marriages all across the USA. No more do couples have to yell at each other while backing their trailers up! 


Aaron Scullin

Hitched 4 Fun