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Midland Donation and Sponsorship

Midland Radio is proud to have lended a hand to several organizations looking to make a difference.

In the past, we have supported events such as:

  • Organizations helping veterans or other members of law enforcement
  • Large off-roading group events
  • Fundraisers for non-profit organizations

Midland does not sponsor events or organizations that are religious, political, or anti-social in nature.

Granting of these sponsorship and donation requests is at the discretion of the Midland Radio team and we reserve the right to refuse sponsorship for any reason. Due to the volume of requests, Midland is not able to reply to each individual request.

Requests for sponsorship are considered different than donations, in that the product is traded for services. Those transaction requests must be specified in the below form.

For consideration, this form must be completed in its entirety. Only requests filled out via the online form will be considered.