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Midland License Free Business Radio businessman using license free business walkie talkie with earpiece

No FCC License Required.

The Best License Free Two-Way Radios for Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you know that clear and consistent communication between staff is crucial.

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The ability to communicate with existing GMRS handhelds was important for our cameramen PLUS the added power and external antenna would extend the operating range between vehicles. We took a chance and the results were impressive...The MicroMobile hits every point on our list of needs.

Midland Radio Testimonial

Jason Specht , Producer, Mountain State Overland

The radio's mobile design, high power and crystal clear audio are perfect for emergency communications and preparedness! Midland has nailed it with the MicroMobile.

Midland Radio Testimonial

Hank Kenealy , CommsPrepper

Huge peace of mind when your house is shaking and you have no power to be able to get updates on the storm. We had no power for the next 9 days but we had all the local info we needed thanks to (the ER310 Crank Radio). Buy it and put it in your hurricane kit now.

Midland Radio Testimonial

Hurricane Irma Survivor , Englewood, FL