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Midland Ambassador Spotlight

Christian Bacasa: Dupeafish

Q: How long have you been fishing?

A: All my life, but I started fly fishing about 5 years ago. I've had the chance to travel to remote areas, where a good communication system is critical.

Q: Favorite catch?

A:I recall catching a cutthroat trout one day that was a real nice fish. I was on light line and had to run several hundred yards down river to land it.

Q:Your go-to Midland product?

A:Handheld two-way radios and MicroMobiles.



Typically, Midland products are being used to aid in communication getting on location. Whether in a boat floating down the river, across a lake, or in the truck 4x4'ing, being able to communicate can save hours of effort and keep the group together.


Christian Bacasa