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Midland Ambassador Spotlight

Larry banks: Splitboarder

Q:Give us a background on your snow activity.

A:I primarily splitboard, which is snowboarding down a mountain and then instead of using snow shoes to climb back up, the board separates into skis.

Q: Favorite place to shred?

A: Oooh, this is easy. It's Revelstoke, BC (Eagle Pass Heli). But my best slope was dropping Sawtooth Classic Couloir "What's Up Doc."

Q:What does Midland mean to you?

A:Connection, communication, and super supportive family vibe.



A very valuable function with Midland radios is the “Weather Alert” feature. This function identifies potential weather systems that may be approaching. It will give alarms from the weather service that could include lightening or high winds. Too often, I see instances where groups will be climbing in areas such as Mt. Hood and a storm will roll in super-fast on those coastal mountains without warning.


Larry Banks