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April 23, 2024

Midland partnered with its agriculture partner, Field Rows (Jim McArthur) to sponsor their TV show. 

Learn more about "Let's Get Nuts" and how they use two-way radios on the farm. 


Jim and Randy (twin brothers, wink wink) McArthur's farm is in Northern Florida. 

The main crops are peanuts and cotton, but they also do a little oats. His dad founded the farm in 1974.

For him, watching his crops come to life is the most rewarding aspect of being a farmer.

“I just enjoy watching the crops grow. You put in all your money and effort in the crops. You get to see the progress throughout the year and then the harvest kicks off which is kind of like the Super Bowl. You get to earn what you’ve been working towards for so long.”

Farming in Florida, he said looks a lot different than in places like the Midwest.

“For Midwest guys, the soil is just so heavy and fertile. Here, everything we have is jut sand, beach sand. We’re constantly having to fertilize and petty much every acre is irrigated because everything leeches through the sand so easily.”

"Let's Get Nuts"

Randy creates comical farming content while Jim posts Youtube videos, generating more than 39 million views.  

They've launched a new show, "Let's Get Nuts." The show will air on Acres TV and is a comedy farming talk show. The show also features interviews and a look at his adventures. 


The farm uses Midland's MicroMobile® GMRS two-way radios to communication.

However, this wasn't the first exposure the farm had to Midland Radio.

“In the past, back in the 90’s, my dad before cellphones had the old school CBs in the truck and tractors. When cellphones came out, we got away from CBs and all that."

The farm then turned to cellphones, but that began to be problematic after Hurricane Michael hit in 2018.

"Since Hurricane Michael hit us in 2018, reception has been terrible, just a joke. We utilize two-way radios everyday to talk back and forth with the guys.”

McArthur and his operation use Midland's MXT115 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio, MXT500 MicroMobile Two-Way Radios, and handhelds

“There’s not a day that goes by on the tractors where we’re not communicating through the MicroMobiles and handhelds.”

He said the use of Midland's MicroMobile® GMRS two-way radios has led to unprecedented efficiency on the farm.

“Years ago, you had to pick up your cellphone, call the guy, wait for him to pick up, but he still might not pick up or you might lose service. Now, you can just grab the radio and communicate. During peanut harvest, it’s crucial to communicate with the guy with the dump cart so you can know when it’s full. It’s instant communication- you can pick it up and talk to the guy right then.”

The combination of MicroMobiles and handhelds has been crucial to this improved efficiency.

“The MicroMobiles and handhelds work well together. You can have somebody trekking behind the peanut picker- so you’ve got the handheld and can tell them to slow down or speed up.”

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