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Dive In with Your Waterproof Action Camera

Whether you plan to just test the water or dive in deep with your waterproof action camera, you can capture the adventure in new ways. Take that snorkeling or scuba trip to the next level by trying something different with your action video camera.

If you have one of Midland’s XTC cameras, you know how easy they are to operate and the many different mounts available. The waterproof case keeps the camera safe while giving you easy access to the record control.

To record your underwater adventure with your action sports camera, you have two easy operations and one hard choice. The easy parts are placing your XTC waterproof action camera in its submersible case and sliding the switch forward to begin recording. The hard part is deciding where to mount the camera to capture the action.

You can always mount the camera on your goggles so everyone sees exactly what you see. If you want to capture your perspective for posterity, it’s a great choice. But consider these other options too:

  • What about mounting the camera on your kids? Wouldn’t you like to see what they found interesting? Wouldn’t they like to relive the experience again and again? And just once, maybe you could be in the picture to prove you were there too.
  • You can also mount your underwater action camera on the back of your scuba tanks to get a nontraditional view. Just make sure you mount them so you don’t get a rear-end view! If you’re in the lead, you get a shot of everyone else coming up behind. You might be surprised to find what was swimming behind you. Was that a shark in the background?
  • If the water is clear and not too deep, you could mount the camera pointed down, just under the water from a buoy. With wide-angle coverage and infinite focus, you can catch the big picture with your waterproof action camera.

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