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May 10, 2019

Chances are you’re familiar with Midland’s MicroMobile - their powerful and compact GMRS two-way radios. MicroMobiles are known for reliable and versatile communication which is why they are a favorite among overlanders, off-roaders, farmers, among others.


9 Reasons Why You Need a MicroMobile GMRS Two-Way Radio

We know you love the MicroMobile, but just in case you needed a few more reasons!


1. More Power

Image from Alex Fleming

Did you know that the FCC allows up to 50 watts of power on the GMRS frequency?

Midland’s MicroMobile GMRS two-way radios are unlike traditional CB radios which are limited, by law, to a maximum of 4 watts of power. Without this power restriction, MicroMobiles come in 5, 15, 40, and 50 watts.


2. Compact Size

Did you know the average CB radio size is 8” W x 10” D x 3” H?

All of our MicroMobiles are significantly smaller than the conventional CB radio. This makes it easy for them to be mounted when space limited like in Jeeps, Toyota's, tractors, and combines.

MicroMobile Dimensions:

    • 5-watt MXT105: 4" W x 3.25" D x 0.85" H

    • 15-watt MXT115: 5.25” W x 5” D x 1” H

    • 15-watt MXT275: 5.25” W x 5” D x 1” H

    • 40-watt MXT400: 7.3” W x 5.5” D x 1.6“ H


    • 50-watt MXT500: 1.8" x 5.5" x 7"


    • 50-watt MXT575: 5.5" x 1.5" x 7.3"

Both the MXT275 and MXT575 save you space in your vehicle. These radios have a Fully-Integrated Control Microphone so all the buttons are on the mic rather than the base unit. This allows you to hide the unit away and clear up your dashboard space. 


3. FRS and GMRS Compatible

Did you know CB radios are ONLY compatible with other CB radios?

One of the greatest benefits of a GMRS radio is its compatibility with other FRS and GMRS radios and walkie talkies. Virtually all walkie talkies that you find in a sporting goods store or a big box retailer are FRS/GMRS walkie talkies.

If you’re out and someone in your group doesn’t have a MicroMobile, you can hand them a walkie talkie and communicate immediately and easily.

Using a walkie talkie and MicroMobile duo is great for spotting and recovery on the trail for overlanders and off-roaders or trying to back the RV into that tight spot at your favorite campground.  It also comes in handy on the farm when cleaning out grain bins, calibrating sprayers, and moving equipment and machinery into storage.


4. Versatile Mounting

MXT115 MicroMobile gmrs two-way radio mounted on vent tower in John Deere combine

Image from Werner Farms

Did you know you can easily mount your MicroMobile on or under the dash?

The MicroMobile has a detachable flip-frame bracket that let’s you choose how to mount your radio -- on or under the dash.

Plus, the quick release tabs make it even easier to transfer the unit from one rig to another or place out of sight to prevent theft!


5. Repeater Channels

Did you know can greatly extend the range of your GMRS two-way radio?

GMRS repeaters receive and re-transmit your signal further than what your two-way radio can do on its own. With access to these powerful 8 GMRS repeater channels, your MicroMobile’s operating range is extended even further in rugged obstructed terrain with the MXT115, MXT275, MXT400, MXT500, and MXT575 models.


6. NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Did you know our MicroMobiles feature our signature NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology?

Severe weather can happen anytime anywhere. Early warnings are your best protection which is why the MXT105, MXT115, MXT275, MXT500, and MXT575 are NOAA weather alert radios.

These MicroMobiles also include 10 NOAA weather channels, so you can easily scan for the forecasts.


7. No Cell Tower or Service Plan Needed

Did you know MicroMobiles don’t need a network to operate?

MicroMobiles are perfect for those wide open spaces where cell towers are few and far between. While the MicroMobile GMRS two-way radio does not require a monthly service plan like cell phones or pricey satellite phones, it does a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To use the GMRS frequencies users must apply with the FCC and pay $35 for a 10-year license which covers yourself and your household. You can learn more about the FCC GMRS license here.

8. Simple to Use

Did you know the MicroMobile comes ready to use -- no programming or tuning required!

The MicroMobiles run on 15 GMRS channels 1-7 and 15-22. To use, simply turn to the channel you want to transmit on and start communicating!


9. Better Sound Quality

Did you know GMRS frequencies have better sound quality than CB frequencies?

Unlike CB, which operates in the 11 meter (27mhz) HF band using AM, GMRS operates in the UHF band (462-467 mhz) and is FM -- equating to higher quality sounds with less static.

From 5-watts to 50-watts, there is a MicroMobile GMRS two-way radio for you. If you choose the MXT275 or MXT575 with the fully-integrated mic, then check out this custom install for a super clean dash set up.



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