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Midland Radio Corporation Offers Lowest Standby Current Base Station/Repeater

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation is pleased to continue to offer the 91-1110B Base Tech III Series base station/repeater. This unit has been available for over two years and features the lowest standby current draw available on the market today (<120 mA, standard).
The Low Standby Current Draw feature, a standard feature in these units, extends operation of battery and/or solar powered equipment. This is accomplished by reducing current consumption when the unit is not actively transmitting or receiving. Standby current is reduced to approximately 120 mA  for VHF and 160 mA for UHF with this feature.
Midland is one of a small elite group of manufacturers to offer this feature.  With this feature these intelligent radios turn off the audio processing circuits when not in use, thereby greatly increasing the battery life and reducing service and maintenance issues. This is extremely important with remote mountain applications that are not commercially powered.  Even more impressive is that radio specifications do not degrade due to power reduction – all radio performance standards remain constant.
“Midland is proud to offer the lowest-current base station/repeater option on the marketplace,” said Scott Henderson, Vice President of LMR Sales at Midland. “This product is trusted by governmental agencies across the country, who appreciate its thoughtful features and its ability to receive continuous upgrades,” Henderson added.
In addition to having the lowest standby current draw available on the market today, the 91-1110B offers extended capabilities through digital fixed station, remote site monitoring, and channel steering options – all with a service reliability of >99.9%. Midland also stands behind the product with an unprecedented 5-year warranty.