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Midland Proud to Support the National Weather Association Women’s Luncheon

During the National Weather Association’s 2019 annual conference in Huntsville, Alabama, Midland Radio Corporation was proud to sponsor the “Women in Atmospheric Sciences Luncheon”, an opportunity for female scientists to hear inspiring speakers, build connections, and gain more momentum in their career paths. The history of science is replete with outstanding achievements and contributions from women, but their paths prior to now were frequently rocky and difficult. We realize women are just as capable as men in any field of science, and the subsequent opening of doors has inspired many women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math..the so-called “STEM” subjects.

But although women can pursue and achieve STEM careers, they may still experience prejudice and sexism that can stifle, humiliate, and defeat. Forums like the Women in Atmospheric Sciences Luncheon let female scientists see they are not alone, and have the support of a wide range of fellow scientists. The director of the National Weather Service, Louis Uccellini, was in attendance, as were several of his upper-level managers, lending their support to these women of meteorology.

Pictured are the 90 attendees of this year’s luncheon, including speaker Laura Furgione of the US Census Bureau. Growing up on a farm in Missouri, Laura’s career with the National Weather Service started on Kodiak Island, Alaska and culminated as Deputy Director of the National Weather Service. Now at the US Census Bureau, she connects meteorologists and emergency managers with the census data that allows them to more precisely target their life-saving services to the people who need them.

The field of science is constantly searching for bright, inquisitive minds to help solve problems and improve lives. Male or female, everyone deserves an equal chance to use their STEM skills to serve humanity. Midland Radio Corporation is proud to sponsor the Women in Atmospheric Science Luncheon in the hope that all attendees will better appreciate the value and innovation women bring to science.