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Only ten months ago on the evening of June 16, twin EF4 tornados with wind speeds up to 200mph devastated the town of Pilger, Nebraska, killing two, injuring 20 others and destroying over 60 homes and businesses. To warn of severe weather in the future, the Salvation Army partnered with Midland Radio to give a free weather alert radio to those rebuilding the community and their lives, in the town located about 90 miles northwest of Omaha.

Bruce Jones, Midland AMS Certified Meteorologist, joined several disaster relief volunteers from the Salvation Army to program each radio for the local weather frequency from The National Weather Service and to use SAME technology to provide advanced warning for the county the town of Pilger is located. Today, the pre-programmed weather radios were handed out to Pilger’s residents and others living in the immediate area, who were thankful to have them in time for severe weather season and the upcoming anniversary of the horrifying event that changed so many lives.

Survivors of the EF5 tornado that wiped out Greensburg, Kansas, killing 11 persons in 2007, said it takes time to heal and rebuild lives but the fear of another tornado strike never really goes away. One of the Pilger residents who had just received their radio, was heard saying they can start feeling a bit more safe again with the help of the Midland weather radio. A Midland weather alert radio, which receives its signal directly from the National Weather Service, provides reliable peace of mind at the very least, but if the moment comes it could make a life-changing difference.

Pilger Tornados (journalstar)

Twin tornados in Pilger, Nebraska. Above photo via Journalstar.com

Pilger tornado aerial (dailymail)

The path of destruction left behind in Pilger, NE. Above photo via dailymail.co.uk


The Midland Weather Alert Radio

aerial shot

Stacks of Midland Weather Radios ready to be given away to citizens of Pilger by the Salvation Army.