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February 10, 2021

Restaurants and event spaces need constant communication between staff members to ensure a smooth experience for their customers. Some choose to use cell phones, which can be time consuming, unprofessional, and unreliable. Business radios allow simple and swift communication between staff members. We spoke with Brandon House, Beverage Manager at No Thyme to Cook, about how they use the Midland business line to create a seamless, luxurious experience for their guests.

Can you describe No Thyme to Cook?

No Thyme to Cook is a cooking school where we teach you how to cook and offer a different experience that no one else can. We also do everything from private classes, parties, corporate events, festivals, and so much more. With Covid, we are doing less of our in-person cooking classes but we have adapted and found other ways to make money and adapt to the current environment. We are doing more of the private demonstration only classes plus going virtual as well. This is where the radios came into play.

Brandon House of No Thyme to Cook using Midland BR200 radio.

What made you want to join No Thyme to Cook?

I joined No Thyme to Cook because I wanted to do something fun and something different. I love working with the team and finding ways to make sure each guest has a good time and has everything they need.

What is your favorite class or experience you offer?

One of my favorite classes is Fresh Pasta. You do everything from making the pasta to all the sauces that go with it!

Which Midland radios do you use?

We currently have 5 BR200 radios and are looking at getting more.

Midland Radio BR200

How do you use them for your business?

Before Covid, we used the radios at the bars to communicate with the different bartenders. Once Covid hit, we got more because we then started to use it for our commercial kitchen to communicate with the staff and to communicate with the bartenders. We also now use them for all of our big events at No Thyme to Cook. The first event we used them for our Oyster Festival that we put on. I was able to give one to each department and all the bartenders that day so they had a quick way to communicate back to the events manager and myself. We have also used them for our Rombauer dinner that we hosted on our Below Deck Solomons Beach, boat parade watch party, and so much more. The newest way we are using them is for our private igloos on the beach. The bartenders and the chefs use them to stay in constant communication for when food comes out or when more food gets ordered.

How do they help your business operations?

These radios have been great for the business operations. Without them our big events would probably not have gone as well as they did. They have helped to bridge the communication gaps when your staff is stationed all over the property or on other floors.

Two people chopping tomatoes.

What can you tell us about your experience with business communication?

These radios are great to use and have been perfect for the business. On the island all the other restaurants use other radio companies and we were having frequency interference and or someone on our channels. This radio was the first one that we did not have any feedback and or anyone else on the island using them. They are super lightweight and durable. The staff love using them because they aren't big like other radios but not too small that they get lost.

What's your favorite drink to make?

My favorite drink to make there is "Mai Tai". I designed and created it myself.

Mai Tai drink from No Thyme to Cook.


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