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March 10, 2021

If you love to get off-road into more adventurous territory, you need the right off-road accessories. Staying connected and stocked up on adventure-fuel are two ways to get the most enjoyment out of your off-road adventures.

When you’re off-roading, crises can come at a moment’s notice, so it’s best always to be prepared. You can’t head out into the unknown without excellent communication. CB radios and two-way radios are the very best way to stay apprised of weather events, change of plans, or any other pressing information.

If you’re headed out for some off-road escapades, choose between a basic model or a bundle that has everything you might need.

XT511 GMRS Base Camp

XT511 GMRS Base Camp Two-Way Radio

If you need a great communication tool with national weather alert updates, you need the XT511 GMRS Base Camp. With 22 channels and 5 power options, it also comes with AM/FM radio, making this practical device a must for any venturesome person. The XT511 won’t let you down; it’s the most powerful portable radio allowed by law.


MXT 105 Micromobile® Two-Way Radio

This two-way radio is the perfect foundation for a base station or to rig out your vehicle. It doubles the range you get with conventional walkie talkies, making it one of the best off-road accessories.

There are 15 high and low channels along with the extraordinary range, although you need an FCC “ZA” license in the United States (which isn’t hard to get, just apply and send some money to the FCC). There’s a seamless connection to other two-ways, and reviewers are thrilled by this two-way radio’s broad range.


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

These X-Talkers are versatile, with a range of 36 miles and an extraordinarily long battery life of 15 hours. Loads of extras and premium warranties make the X-Talker a crucial tool when you’re out of cell range.

A weather alert and a weather scan feature keep you apprised of any severe weather warnings. The X-Talker includes 36 channels and 121 privacy codes, so you know your conversation is protected.

You need off-road accessories that won’t let you down. Which means you need the commendable range and easy-button access of the X-Talker T71VP3 two-way radios. Never get left in the dark again with these handy, powerful tools.


ORMXT115VP Micromobile®-GXT Bundle

If you know you’re headed out on the adventure of a lifetime, you need a comprehensive communication system with all the bells and whistles.

The Micromobile® GXT Bundle comes with two GMRS two-way radios, a Micromobile® to hitch to your vehicle, boom mic headsets, and specialty features like using repeater channels to give you the broadest range possible.


Fuel Your Adventure With Midland Coffee

When you head out to the open road and the wilderness beyond it, you need premium fuel to get you going and keep you going. Midland has partnered with a local, veteran-owned coffee roaster – Got Your Six Coffee Co. – to create an unbelievable blend to Power Your Adventure.

Midland High-Powered Joe Coffee is the perfect roast, pairing a zippy result with a smooth taste. Chocolate and caramel flavors mix with rugged earthy notes. And the beans for High-Powered Joe are from various Central American coffee-growing regions.

Our coffee is made specifically for our overlanding, off-roading, hiking, and camping audiences. This is because we think coffee and radios are the perfect combo for your adventures.


The Takeaway

When you’re headed out beyond the open road, into the woods beyond, you need a communication system that doesn’t rely on cell phone networks. GMRS radios are rugged, reliable, and practical, with features like NOAA weather alerts and scanning applications so that you’re always alert to weather conditions.

Nothing gets you revved up for an adventure in the Great Beyond, like a strong cup of coffee. Midland High-Powered Joe Coffee is made from Central American beans, roasted to perfection.

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