January 31, 2023

Midland Radio's MicroMobile Two-Way Radios are transforming communication on the farm ahead of planting season.

Midland Radio checks in with partner, Andy Dole about how MicroMobiles are having an impact on his family farm.


Andy Dole is a sixth-generation farmer in Mattoon, Illinois. He runs the farm alongside his dad, uncles, and sister. 

His family farms corn and soybeans. 

For Dole, it was important he carried on the family tradition.

“As one of the three heirs to the farm, I thought it was wise not to pass on the opportunity given the nature of farming. I thought about how difficult it is for someone who isn’t granted the same opportunity to take on a farming operation. It was something I couldn’t pass up on.”

Working with his family is something that he cherishes. 

“My favorite part of farming is getting to spend time with my family everyday. Sometimes it can get old quickly, but I’m grateful in the overall scheme of things that I get to work with my dad, sister, and my uncles. They say don’t mix business and family, but farming is the opposite business model.”



January brings with it a sense of the unknown to farms like Doles, located in the Midwest. 

“Depending on how much snow we have on the ground which can be anywhere from a little to enough that keeps us from working, a lot of January consists of doing some dirt work around the farm or hauling grain.”

Dole said preparations for planting season typically begin sometime in March. Actual planting usually gets underway in April.



The Doles began using two-way radios on their farm a couple of years ago.

They have MXT115 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radios, MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radios, and MXT500 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radios.

“The two-way radios have made a significant, positive impact on the quality of life on the farm and our efficiency because of how quickly we can communicate back and forth.”

Dole’s favorite Midland Radio product is the MXT115 because of its ease of use. 

“I like the MXT115s because they’re very cost effective, are good for quick communication, and easy to set up. They’re something you can put in every piece of machinery and be happy with what you have.”

As the Doles gear up for planting season in the coming months, there’s no doubt that Midland’s two-way radios have made an enormous impact on their operation.

“Overall, the combination of all those things has just made our lives much easier and ultimately, our operation run smoother.”

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