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May 08, 2018

How do you stay informed about weather hazards and emergencies? In major weather events and power outages, you simply cannot rely on your phone, computer, or tv to provide you the crucial information you need to keep your family safe -- but you can rely on Midland emergency radios.

The most dependable safety measure is an NOAA weather radio with a backup power source. With our trusted technology and radios, you and your family can receive vital information instantly from the National Weather Service.

Minutes and seconds matter when faced with extreme weather or crisis. Early warnings are your family’s best protection.


Midland’s line of emergency radios and communication solutions can give you those precious seconds


Our radios have been recognized as the best weather radios to alert you when it matters the most.

WR400 Deluxe NOAA Weather Radio

Midland Emergency Radios - WR400 DELUXE NOAA WEATHER RADIO

The WR400 is a dependable desktop NOAA radio that allows you to maximize the information you receive by customizing your location and alert types.

Using AC power with 4 AA batteries for its backup power source, it’s easy to stay informed even during a power outage. This emergency radio uses digital S.A.M.E. technology to link to your specific local alert system to receive messages instantly. When an alert is sent out your radio will turn on emitting an 85-decibel siren followed by your county’s broadcast message.

Optimize your radio by taking advantage of the 80 different programmable emergency alerts in up to 25 counties. It even includes a USB output so you can charge devices directly from the radio.


WR120 NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Midland Emergency Radios - WR120 NOAA WEATHER ALERT RADIO

A Midland classic, the WR120 is the most popular weather radio in North America. Similar to the WR400, this emergency radio is NOAA enabled with the S.A.M.E. technology for instantaneous notifications.

Program up to 60 different alerts in up to 25 counties with this weather alert station. Quickly differentiate between storm watches and warnings with the color-coded alert lights. You can feel confident knowing the radio is programmed with an ‘Alert Override’ which automatically switches over to warn you of impending danger.

Keep your family safe by staying tuned in to local warnings and emergencies.


ER310 E+Ready Emergency Crank Weather Radio


Arguably, one of the best emergency radios on the market, the ER310 E+Ready keeps you powered up and informed no matter what. Keep your radio charged with the built-in solar strip, the hand crank, or the rechargeable battery.

With multiple functions, this is a tool you’ll want to have in your emergency toolbox. You can use the powerful LED flashlight during a power outage or as an SOS beacon to flag down help. There is even an ultrasonic dog whistle in the event Search and Rescue teams are involved.

With long battery life and multiple sustainable power sources, this radio should be in everyone’s everyone’s preparedness kit. Don’t wait until disaster strikes. With our emergency radios, you can stay informed 24 hours a day 7 days a week -- even during a power outage.


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