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July 24, 2020

Whether you run a small boutique, mid-sized restaurant, or large retail store, instant communication is key to making your business look professional. No matter if you are asking a fellow employee about stock or if you are alerting the wait staff their party has arrived, instant communication is vital. It can save you valuable moments during busy times and can curb unnecessary shouting across your business to ask a question. Below are helpful ways in which you can use instant communication to your advantage.


Get Quick Answers for Customers

Midland Business Radios for Instant Communication

If you manage a business, you know how important quick communication is. This is true whether you run a large hotel or a small auto parts store. If your front desk employee has a question about room availability, or you have a question for a mechanic in the back of your shop, keeping your customer-facing communication quick, concise, and professional is of the utmost importance. Don’t leave your customers waiting; quickly retrieve an answer for them using your Midland radio. 

TheLXT600BB FRS License Free Radio is perfect for small businesses. Put it to use in your auto part store, garden center, café, clothing store, or exercise studio. If you are looking for a more robust business radio for your hotel or warehouse, try theBR200 Business Radio. TheMB400 Business Radio is a great option for even larger operations, such as construction sites or apartment complexes.


Reduce Noisy Shouting

Business Radios by Midland - Instant Commuication

Keep your business looking professional by cutting out unnecessary shouting across the floor to get answers from your coworkers. Whether you are working the cash register in a clothing store or you're a host in a restaurant, communication by radio is preferable to calling across the store. This will reduce time waiting for a response and keep the noise level down, especially during a busy Friday night at a restaurant or Saturday morning while people are shopping in your store. 

Headsets are a great way to keep down noise and to ensure your conversations are discreet and private. Try theAVPH4 Wrap Around the Ear Headsets for hands-free communication or theAVPH3 Surveillance Headsets for communication with a subtle look.


Improve Your Curbside Pickup

Instant Communication for curbside pick up

With the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have transitioned to curbside pickup. This will likely become a standard business practice even after strict safety protocols fade. Curbside pickup is quick and safe for both customers and employees. Consider investing in proper equipment for your curbside pickup station.

TheGXT1000 orT71 are both great options for curbside pickup; they are durable and have extensive range. These radios allow for attendants to quickly notify staff of the arrival of a customer or to retrieve any answer a customer might have. It’s important for your business to stay ahead of trends, and implanting a curbside pickup operation with quick communication can be vital to making your business last through hard times.

Instant, professional communication is vital for your business. Try implementing it through Midland radios and accessories.

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