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Kick the Dust Up - Harvest Season is Here

Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade communication on your farm. Midland Radio brings reliable, clear, and crisp communication to any farm, ensuring efficiency during one of the busiest times of year.

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Illinois Farmer to use the MXT500 for Harvest Season

See how the MXT500 is making a difference during Harvest season on the farm.

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High-powered bundle with MXT%00 and all accessories needed to install in virtually any combine or tractor. Especially useful on massive, sprawling properties

What's Happening on the Farm

NY Farm Girls

Location: Finger Lakes Region of New York

Crops: 2,100 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, pumpkins

Livestock: 1,200 cows

The New York Farm girls consist of three sisters working on their family farm in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

While they grow several crops, they are primarily a dairy operation.

The Lebuner family also has a 70-acre pumpkin patch that they’ve turned into an agri-tourism hot spot. Here they have a brewery, bakery, different mazes, and of course pumpkins.

“Farming is such a satisfying job. You plant things in the spring and then harvest in the fall to make a living. I think having your whole life in Mother Nature’s hands and having to trust in that is something that is really unique,” Claudia Lebuner said.

With over 145,000 followers on Instagram, the girls are working to educate and advocate for farming on social media. For them, connecting with others in the industry is incredibly worthwhile.

“It is so cool to be in a community where everyone is so alike, but also so different. You’re able to talk about farming without people getting bored. You also feel a lot less alone when you’re getting to know others in the agriculture community online,” Lebuner added.

During the month of August the family is working on harvesting wheat and hay. They’ll combine all of the wheat and then bale it. In terms of hay, the farm is working to get four to five cuttings.

The Lebuners use Midland’s MXT500AGVP3 Farm BundlesMXT115AGVP MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio Bundle, and theX-Talker T71VP3 walkie talkies.

“We all have radios in our tractors and trucks. We’re able to have way better communication. It really went from 0 to 100. They’ve been life changers," Claudia said.

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They use their parody videos to educate their viewers on farm life.

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