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Midland’s Summer Gear Guide: Part One

It’s finally the season for all those fun-in-the-sun activities. Summer is a great time to disconnect from the normal day-to-day and adventure outdoors. The easiest way to fully enjoy outdoor excursions is to plan ahead and be prepared with all the right gear. Here are some ideas for summer time activities and the equipment that will help make the most of the experience.

Festive Family Fun for Everyone

Amusement parks, state fairs, and carnivals, are peak family fun in the summer time. Staying in one group can often be difficult with so many different attractions to choose from. Having a set of two-way radios can help. Now foodies searching for the perfect funnel cake won’t lose track of the thrill seekers in line for the rollercoaster and everyone can save cell battery life and data on capturing the perfect Instagram picture.

High Sea Hijinks

Another major vacation destination two-way radio communication is perfect for? Cruising! Cruise ships are massive vessels with fun activities for everyone in the family but it is often difficult to use a cell phone aboard. If the kids want to go check out the pool deck while mom and dad enjoy a quiet lunch, handheld two-way radios allow everyone to stay connected.

Off-The-Beaten-Path Road Trip

Overlanding trips revolve around the journey of reaching a remote location. Off-roading requires skills, equipment and preparation for the unpredictable. It is often best practice to have multiple vehicles caravanning together in case any other vehicle gets stuck. This type of outdoor adventuring is safer with communication gear that is rugged and versatile. Everyone should be equipped with handheld two-way radios and each vehicle with a long-range two-way MicroMobile radio. Not only does this allow for safer travels, but also for back and forth communication about the wonderful sights seen throughout the journey.

Ultimate Camping Adventure

When going out into the wilderness or more remote areas for an overnight trip there is a fine line between wanting to feel isolated and disconnected from the hustle and bustle and needing to stay in-touch for safety purposes. Other than having two-way radios on hand to stay connected within your group, having a multi-functional weather radio with sustainable power options and emergency features will make sure your getaway isn’t ruined by unexpected weather.

Summer time brings weather for more outdoor adventures and with the right communication and safety gear, your trips will be memorable for all the right reasons.