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July 06, 2017

Welcome to Part Two of Midland's Summer Gear Guide series. In our last post, we highlighted our two-way radios and MicroMobiles. In part two, we focus on preparedness and our expansive weather radio and preparedness products.

Beach days, pool parties, lake trips, camping, hiking, biking, etc. It’s officially summer and along with wonderful weather for all those fun activities, this season can also bring some unexpected severe weather threats. June brought in the official start of hurricane season and so far, over 1,000 tornadoes have touched down in the U.S.  this year. Staying prepared during the most unpredictable portion of the calendar will give you peace of mind whenever you venture outdoors.

At Home

Storms can pop up at any time with little warning during the summer, so be sure you have a NOAA weather radio (WR400) to alert you when a storm is heading your way. Keeping up-to-date on any developing storms will give you plenty of time to protect the porch furniture or, if more severe, seek shelter. Most weather radios double as alarm clocks and the alerts are loud enough to be heard throughout the house. If living on the coast during hurricane season, a weather radio is essential for updates regarding severity of the storms and knowing if evacuation is needed.

Gear Suggestion: WR400 Deluxe NOAA Weather Radio


Summer time is prime time for the outdoors. Camping, Hiking and biking with friends and family allows you to relax and reconnect with nature. Of course, one of Mother Nature’s characteristics is her unpredictability. Nothing could ruin an outdoor expedition faster than having a weather emergency. Make sure you are prepared with a NOAA radio. An easy-to-carry, self-sustaining weather radio is the perfect outdoor companion. Look for a radio that is multi-functional perhaps with a flashlight or a crank (ER210/ER310) with the ability to charge multiple USB devices. The ER210 and ER310 can also be recharged via solar, crank, USB or AC/DC

Gear Suggestion: ER210


Most of Midland's two-way radios feature NOAA Weather Alert. If you need an update on the weather, just tune into one of the NOAA weather channels and receive up to the minute weather updates directly from the National Weather Service. This tool is invaluable in areas with limited cell phone data reception, giving you the necessary warning to seek shelter or the all clear to keep going off the beaten path.

Gear Suggestion: T71VP3 Two-Way Radios

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