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The U.S. has more severe weather than anywhere else on earth. More than 1,200 tornados hit the U.S. every year and hurricanes can stretch for thousands of miles, leaving people without power for days at a time — and most importantly — life-threatening situations caused by the devastation. In addition, 70,000 wildfires occur annually and earthquakes pose a significant threat to Americans without any warning. Whether you climb, trek, paddle, bike, fish or camp in the Great Outdoors remember you can’t control Mother Nature, you can only plan for what she might bring your way. Prepare for emergency situations with the new Midland® E+READY™ series, offering a complete line of emergency radios – including emergency crank, NOAA® weather alert and two-way radios – to prepare you for just about anything, anywhere, whether you plan to rough it in the isolated wilderness or explore our National Parks. The radios in the series offer an ideal combination of top of the line radio technology and world-class value – plus, they may just save your life.

More than 90 percent of natural disasters involve flooding which routinely result in power outages, the reason behind many of the items on the FEMA recommended emergency supply checklist. Midland is the leader in emergency preparedness, and created the E+READY series after having experience in this industry for over a half-century. The company has built a one-stop shop for emergency preparedness with the new E+READY series, with many of the products on that FEMA checklist.

The Midland E+READY lineup includes two durable, dependable and portable Emergency Crank Radios, the ER210 and ER310. Both models will keep you in-the-know when it comes to incoming severe weather featuring digital AM/FM and weather-band radio equipped with NOAA Weather Alert Radio capabilities. This means weather alerts sound when emergency warnings are issued by official emergency management personnel in the local area, important for when it’s critical to have the latest information in an emergency situation. Efficient and compact, the rugged radios have a built-in flashlight with SOS and strobe functions to signal for help in an emergency. In addition, the radios feature multiple, sustainable power options. The radios are operated using rechargeable lithium ion batteries – giving the ER210 model up to 25 hours of continuous use, and the ER310 up to 32 hours of continuous use. The ER310 model can also be operated using 6 replaceable AA batteries as a backup power option. The rechargeable battery power can be maintained by the sun utilizing a solar panel built into the top of the radio. Finally, when “all else fails” the radios can run using an ergonomic hand crank.

Early Warning is your Best Protection™ and the portable and rechargeable Midland Weather Alert Radio (EH55VP) is a small but important option to have on hand. Compact enough to fit into a small pocket on your person or in your bag or pack, the radio features Midland’s legendary weather alert radio capabilities and multiple charging options, all with the highest sound quality available. The E+READY Weather Alert Radio has S.A.M.E. technology, which provides the ability to program and receive alerts and warnings specific to your location giving you information when you need it.

Keep in contact, and have the ability to call for help on your next adventure with E+READY Emergency Two-Way Radios (EX37VP), which deliver crystal clear transmission, reception and sound quality. These reliable radios can be powered by AAA or rechargeable batteries and offer 22 clear and crisp communication channels. The highly functional radios also have eVox hands-free operation and come with a value added mini-emergency case complete with flashlight and whistle – also items on the FEMA recommended emergency supply checklist.

The Midland E+READY Series, available beginning January 2016, includes the following models: Emergency Crank Radio ER210 (MSRP $49.99); Emergency Crank Radio ER310 (MSRP $69.99); Midland Weather Alert Radio EH55VP (MSRP $49.99); and the Emergency Two-Way Radio EX37VP (MSRP $49.99).