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Midland Radio Helps Insure America is Prepared for Disaster

Every American Should Be Prepared

To build a Weather-Ready Nation, every American needs to take the personal responsibility to “build a kit, have a plan, and be prepared.” One important consideration for you and your family: how will you communicate during and after a disaster, when phone lines and cell phone towers may be down? In the event of a disaster it could take rescue personnel hours or days to reach you. By necessity, you and your neighbors will need to be your own first responders, rescuing and aiding each other until help arrives.

Although tornadoes and hurricanes have specific seasons of activity, earthquakes can happen any day of the year, at any hour. In Los Angeles, California emergency managers and the LA Fire Department are actively training citizens to become their own communications network so they can assist each other after “The Big Quake” hits. LA Fire’s Auxiliary Communications Service encourages everyone to have an FRS/GMRS frequency “walkie-talkie” radio, and teaches citizens how to use them to be prepared for disaster. Walkie talkie classes explain operation of the radios, how to communicate neighbor-to-neighbor, and how to communicate directly with LA Fire.

Midland Radio Awarded for Excellence

Midland Radio Corporation’s partnership with Southern California emergency managers allows citizens to gain valuable hands-on experience operating and communicating via radio frequencies that will still be functioning after a big earthquake. It’s one more way Midland Radio is helping to prepare America as a Weather-Ready and Disaster-Ready Nation.

Be Prepared for Disaster with Midland Two-Way Radios

On November 2, 2018 Midland was recognized at the annual Business and Industry Council Emergency Planning and Preparedness (BICEPP) awards dinner for a program that provides X-Talker T-71 walkie talkies to the Los Angeles Fire Department CERT Team which uses them in their emergency radio training classes. The classes teach ordinary citizens the importance of having walkie-talkies, and how to use them in a disaster. Midland Radio Corporation continues to lead the way in two-way radio communication in coordination with local communities to ensure its citizens are prepared for disaster.