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December 26, 2018

Midland's Powerful GMRS Radios

While many of our radios are FRS only, we have a growing roster of GMRS radios. These radios use FRS frequencies in addition to more powerful GMRS channels. Our lineup of Midland handheld GMRS radios gives you the most power and range -- making them ideal for communicating over long distances and rugged terrain.

One of the best benefits of our GMRS radios is that they are compatible with all other GMRS and FRS Midland radios . However, all of our powerful GMRS radios do require a GMRS license from the FCC. A GMRS license is inexpensive and simple to obtain. The license costs $70 and covers you and your family for 10 years. Simply apply on the FCC website and you usually receive your license within 24 hours. For more information check out the article Why Do I Need a GMRS License and How Do I Get It.


X-Talker and GXT Walkie Talkies

Midland T295 GMRS Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie Featured Image

We believe the power of Midland handheld GMRS radios should be mobile and easy to carry into the backcountry whether your hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, or hunting. We decided to put more power in your hand.


X-Talker Walkie Talkies

Earlier this year, we introduced our first ever GMRS X-Talker two-way radios, the T290 and T295 in Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country camouflage. Using both GMRS and FRS radio frequencies, these mighty radios have a range up to 40 miles! They feature the Midland trademark NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan along with 5 animal call alerts. They also include variable power options to make sure your battery lasts all day.

GXT Two-Way Radios

Our other GMRS handheld two-way radios, the GXT1000 and GXT1050 in Mossy Oak® camo feature 50 channels of clear and crisp communication. Similar to the X-Talkers, these GMRS radios also include our trademark NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan. Plus, they also have up to a 36-mile range!

These rugged and extreme range two-way radios have quickly become a favorite among hunters. One hunter outfitted his group with the camo GXT1050 saying, "I bought a set of these radios 3 or 4 years ago. My hunting partner and I were so impressed with their range and clarity that he purchased another set and now we outfit our entire hunting party. They have been extremely effective in the mountains of Vermont and have saved us numerous trips when something caused us to need to contact other hunting party members."


GMRS Base Camp

Your basic emergency prep kit should include a variety of items and including a flashlight, hand crank NOAA weather radio, and walkie talkies. The XT511 GMRS Base Camp incorporates all of those into one easy-to-carry radio. Harness the power of a GMRS radio, the safety of an NOAA weather crank radio, and the reliability of 5 power sources!

This feature-packed radio is not just for your emergency prep kit but also your camping kit. Imagine sending off the kiddos to play with some kid-friendly walkie talkies, but you can still easily keep tabs on them while you relax and play some AM/FM tunes with the Base Camp radio.

One fan said, "The convenient footprint and carry handle allows for handy placement on our camp table to maintain contact with our family campers. Great piece of camping equipment."

The Base Camp GMRS radio makes it easy for you to stay informed and connected. It is the perfect  addition to your emergency go-bag and your camping kit.


micromobile gmrs radios mounted on toyota dash The MXT400 / Image from Overland SC

Say goodbye to your CB radio, and hello to Midland's MicroMobile. All of our MicroMobile's are GMRS radios. However, you get to choose your power. The radios are available in 5, 15, and 40 watts depending on your needs. Most MicroMobile units are enabled with our legendary NOAA weather alert technology. Maximize the range of your MicroMobile with a detachable external  mobile antenna. Make the most of your MicroMobile with accessories.

Don't worry about losing a handheld walkie talkie between the seats while bouncing along the trail or across a frozen field. These small-but-mighty radios are ideal for mounting in your overlanding truck or tractor on the farm. All of the MicroMobiles easily mount in your vehicle.

One farmer recently tried the new MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio with the fully-integrated handheld microphone. He said "We have them in all the tractors and combines as well as the semis. Range is better than we were experiencing with our CB’s and seems to be more reliable."

A passionate overlander and his Jeep club found the MicroMobile was the ideal COMMS solution. He said "This radio is fantastic! It is extremely small but performs almost as well as my HAM radio". The Jeep club did a side-by side-comparison of HAM, CB and GMRS radios to make a decision on what to use on trips. They went with the GMRS MicroMobile because of the combination of power and simplicity of use. The Jeep club president stated "This radio is the way to go for any off-road groups looking for a communication system, it will blow CB away."

Our MicroMobiles are quickly becoming the preferred communication method for overlanders and farmers alike.

Curious to learn more about GMRS, or the General Mobile Radio Service? Check out more information on GMRS radio frequency and power. If you're not sure you need such a powerful radio, then read more about FRS versus GMRS radios -- either way we've got a radio to fit your needs!

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