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Meet Midland’s Summer Jeep Tour Manager


Midland Radio is sending its new Jeep out on a summer tour.

Along the way the Jeep will stop at events like the Ohio Jeep Fest, New Jersey Jeep Invasion, Adventure Van Expo, Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion, and Overland Expo East.

We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have and sell products at some shows.


Midland’s Summer Tour Manager is Nick Bravo. He’ll be traveling with the Jeep to every event.

A Jeep owner himself, he’s excited to take Midland’s across the country.

“I own a 2015 Jeep Wrangler.  I’ve done a lot of off-roading in the Midwest like in Illinois. I’ve been to a lot of state parks off-roading, but also a little overlanding as well.”

While he enjoys the outdoors and adventure that comes with off-roading, his favorite aspect is the people he’s met.

“It’s such a small knit community. Everyone is there to help one another and make sure that you get through the trails safely. You meet long-term friends. They’re people you’ll keep around forever.”

Based out of Chicago, IL, Bravo is looking forward to experiencing new off-road locations in the United States.

“To be able to tour the country, with Midland, representing Midland, I’ll be able to experience all these different trails and meet new people.”

As someone with off-roading and overlanding experience, he knows how important radios are.

“If you’re far away from each other you need to make sure that you have a radio that is clear, the range, and the wattage power to be able to communicate to each other. It’s extremely important to keep you safe in case of an emergency, you’re able to contact the people you’re with.”

Because of this, he’s all the more excited to represent Midland and help you find the perfect radio for you, no matter what adventures you’re planning.

“If you approach the booth at any of these events, make sure you come find me or any of the staff with whatever questions you have.”