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May 11, 2022

Midland Radio is excited to announce the launch of its new MXT115 Retro MicroMobile® bundles.

The bundles include the MXT115AGVPR and MXT115VPR. Midland's new retro bundles are $20 cheaper than previous MXT115 bundles and come with an extra accessory. 

While these bundles are retro in theme, they bring you advanced two-way radio technology to keep you connected.

Midland MXT115AGVPR Retro Farm Bundle

This bundle was designed for the farm.

The MXT115AGVPR is about as plug and play as it gets...installation only takes a few minutes. It also has everything you need to get started right out of the box. 

Taking communication to the next level has never been easier with the MXT115, 3 dB Ghost Antenna, 6-Meter Antenna Cable, Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, and 6-Watt Retro External Speaker. 

In loud environments like the combine, the new addition of the Retro External Speaker in a MXT115 bundle brings a volume that allows for clean and crisp communication across the farm. 

Midland's MXT115 boasts triple the range of a traditional handheld two-way radio so you don't skip a beat in the fields. The radio features eight repeater channels, USB-C port for the fastest charge time of other devices, NOAA Weather Radio, 142 privacy codes, and more. The MXT115 is also compatible with all of Midland's handheld FRS/GRMS walkie talkies. 

Midland's MXT115AGVPR Retro Farm Bundle will take your communication to new levels, bringing efficiency and safety to the entire farm. 

"With the super unique retro speaker included, you're not only getting a fun product that makes hearing easier on the farm, you're getting several other accessories at a price that can't be beat," Product Manager Zak Al-Shawish said.

MXT115VPR Retro Off-Road Bundle

This retro MXT115 bundle is built for the trails.

The MXT115VPR Retro Off-Road Bundle has everything you need to install into your vehicle quickly and easily. It comes with the radio unit, Universal Lip Mount, Ghost Antenna, and 6-Watt External Speaker. 

Whether you're hitting the trails with a few others or in an off-roading club, the MXT115 brings power to your communication, boasting triple the power of traditional handheld walkie talkies with its 15 Watts. This radio also features eight repeater channels, USB-C for fast charging of other devices, 142 privacy codes, and NOAA Weather Radio.

When you're on the trails, you don't want to cut corners when it comes to your communication and safety. The MXT115VPR Retro Off-Road Bundle brings reliable communication to your finger tips.

"This bundle has a value that is unlike anything else. It's as plug and play as it gets and comes with that extra accessory in the retro external speaker that really is perfect for the trails," Al-Shawish said.

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