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Get Dad A REAL Gift For Father’s Day

Dad has always been there for you over the years, so get him something he can depend on. Is your father an outdoorsman? Camper? Hunter or fisherman? Maybe you go out with him on these outdoor excursions. The Midland X-TALKER Two-Way Radios offer dependable, clear communication when communication matters. With high power for long range, you can roam without losing touch. It will also keep Dad out of harm’s way. The X-TALKER has advanced weather alert technology, the same weather technology that Midland is known for around the world. This will alert if severe weather is on the way, so Dad can get to safety.

If you want to stick with the safety route, get Dad a Midland ER200 Emergency Crank Radio. The ER200 has a weather radio and AM/FM radio so you can crank up the tunes when you’re hanging out at the tent. It also has emergency tools such as a crank charger and flashlight. If dad’s phone starts to die while out fishing, he can plug it into the ER200 via the USB port and charge it with the crank. With weather alerts and emergency power, this tool has functions that Dad will need in order to keep safe in weather emergencies. Dad helps you when you need him, now you can help keep him safe when he’s in danger.



Order a pair of X-TALKERS or an ER200 today so you can get it in time for Fathers Day, or find them at your local sports and outdoor retailers.