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November 12, 2020

When it comes to communication, your business deserves the best. And when you need instant communication, you can depend on two-way radios. They are reliable, inexpensive, and save you valuable time that texting and phone calls waste. It may be time to take a second look at what you are using, and invest in a business grade device made for the demands of daily use. Simple two-way radios are more economical and easier to use than digital radios and can cover more space than you probably thought.

Affordable Two-Way Communication

With so many expenses going into your business already, your form of communication should not be yet another worry. Purchasing digital two-way radios and cell phones for each employee can really cost you. Fortunately, Midland offers license-free business radios that are affordable and efficient. The LXT600BBX4 FRS Business Bundle features 8 radios, four dual-slot desktop chargers, 8 rechargeable battery packs, and 8 concealed headsets for $309.99. These radios are cost-effective and simple to use in your small to medium sized business.

The LXT600 is a cost-effective choice for your business communication.

Simple and Efficient Two-Way Communication

Analog radio technology has almost over 100 years of practice on its back – first developed in 1933, analog radio has been a consistent form of communication for the past century. Most people are familiar with how to work a simple radio. This can be great if you have many employees or work in a fast-paced environment. These radios are easy to use, so you won’t waste valuable time researching how to use them like you might with a digital radio. Their easy-to-use features, such as the push-to-talk button, save you time and energy. The BR200 BizTalk Business Radio is simple for employees and for yourself. Midland also offers free programming software, making it easy to set up your radio and go.

The BR200 is a reliable, powerful option for your business communication.

Powerful Two-Way Communication for Your Space

You might be surprised at how much coverage you can get from your analog radio. The Midland BizTalk line features powerful radios that can cover large spaces, such as warehouses, hotels, apartment complexes, and construction sites. The MB400 BizTalk Business Radio is our most powerful business radio; its hardy structure and extensive range make it a great option for even your large business site. With 4 watts of transmit power, the MB400 will easily cover a warehouse up to 350,000 square feet. This radio proves you that don’t need a fancy, expensive radio to get the job done.

The MXT400 is a simple but powerful business communication option.

Analog radios are simple, inexpensive, and powerful – heavily weigh your options when considering your next business communication purchase. And don't forget about our BizTalk rebate program - right now through February 28, 2021, if you purchase 6 BR200s you get 2 FREE and if you purchase 6 MB400s get you 1 FREE.

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