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October 27, 2020

You take care in making important decisions for your business, whether you are interviewing potential employees, selecting high-quality products and services for your consumers, or choosing the location of your enterprise. Why should selecting your business communication be any different?

Taking time to evaluate how often and in what conditions you will use your walkie talkies will greatly benefit you in the future. Some businesses may get by with a consumer walkie if they are not using them often. However, if you find yourself needing a more robust walkie talkie, a business radio would be your best bet. Business radios are durable, can be used frequently, typically have better range, and are assigned a business band frequency for privacy and unimpeded communication. These in combination make for a much better option for your business communication.

Make sure you have a sturdy business grade radio for your business.

Business Radios are Durable

Good business communication is professional and efficient, whether you manage a busy restaurant or oversee a construction site. Chances are, you will be using your radio frequently in these situations. You will want a durable, long lasting radio. Business radios are designed for all day, every day use with longer battery life and increased durability.

Business Radios Get Better Range

These radios are designed with your business in mind. Consumer radios are intended for line-of-sight use over shorter distances. Business radios can legally have a higher wattage, giving you a more powerful radio that can reach farther distances. The BR200 BizTalk® Business Radio is a 2-watt radio, engineered for communication over large spaces, such as a 20-story hotel or 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The MB400 BizTalk® Business Radio is a 4-watt radio, giving you even more range. If you are needing consistent communication over a large space, a business radio is your best bet.

Midland business radios meet the high demands of a workplace environment.

Business Radio Bands Are More Private and Secure

Another advantage of a business radio is use of an assigned business band frequency coordinated by the FCC. These allocated channels provide a higher level of privacy than frequencies used by those with a consumer radio. They also reduce interference by other users. If you were to purchase a consumer radio for your business, you would not have access to business band channels, and would have to endure possible intrusions.

Even if you don’t mind the thought of another party listening to your business communication, hearing outside conversations can become confusing and bothersome. The business band is a great perk when purchasing a business radio. The BR200 and MB400 are great options for those in the business field.

When considering the appropriate radio for your business, remember that consumer radios are great for recreational use while business radios will hold up in a demanding business environment. Although consumer radios may seem like the less expensive option, think about how often you will be using it and in what environment. In the long run, it will be worth it to buy a business radio.

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