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February 04, 2020

When you’re hitting the trails, you can only pack so much in your car.  Yet, you want to be prepared for anything and everything when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. We reached out to some of our overland influencers and asked them what their favorite piece of equipment is when they go out on trips. We used their answers to create a handy list. So, when you’re planning your next trip, you may want to think about getting some of the items that these expert overlanders love!

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Overland Equipment?


The MORRFlate Off-Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit

“Right now, my very favorite piece is the MORRFlate. I’ve used it on my last 3 trips and has been so easy and fast to use to air down and air up all 4 tires at the same time. It’s been an absolute game-changer having it paired with a Power tank to air up and equalize all tires in minutes.”  -@ordinaryoverland 

Favorite overland equipment


Maxtrax Traction Boards

“That’s a tough question, we have so many great tools in our proverbial toolbox, but this is a question that has led to many late-night discussions around the campfire.  What is our favorite piece of equipment, is it our tires, our fridge, our DC to DC charging systems or something else. Often, our discussion tends to always lead back to one piece of equipment that has multiple uses and has saved us on more than one occasion.  Over the years, the Maxtrax traction boards have easily become our favorite piece of equipment. These boards have saved us on several occasions, they’ve provided traction when we were stuck, they helped us level the trucks and trailers when we’ve gotten to camp, they’ve been used as a shovel to help dig us out of sand and even as a bridge over small ravines. For something with no moving parts and such a simple design, this is an amazing tool, and for us, it’s our favorite. “  -@boldoverland

Maxtrax Overlanding Gear


ARB Air Compressor

“My favorite piece of equipment to take with me on every trip is my air compressor. Having the air compressor allows me the ability to air down my tires while hitting the trails and then to air back up the trails when returning to pavement. Before having the air compressor, I used to have to search for a gas station that offered air.” -@hoglundoverland   


Specialized Mountain Bike paired withMidland X-Talker Radios

“My favorite pieces of equipment when I hit the trails are my Specialized Mountain Bike paired with my Midland X-talker handheld radios. They allow me to keep up with my friends on the trails.” -@tacopromatt

Midland X-Talkers and Specialized Bike


Turtleback Expedition Trailer

“I would say our turtleback expedition trailer allows my family to get outdoors more, due to being able to setup a base camp with great amenities. “-@gobi_recon


ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

“My wife and I try our best to stay as healthy as possible, for several reasons. Obviously one being that it’s good for us, but also being on a long haul most people tend to hit the gas stations at every fill up and load themselves up with candy, chips, soft drinks etc. Which is totally fine if that’s what you like, but for us it just makes us bloated and uncomfortable. So, we like to keep healthy snacks locked and loaded in the fridge for our trips.  This keeps us adventure-ready and feeling our best, but it also keeps us healthy. Once we’re close to our destination, we’ll usually stop and hit a grocery store to load up a week or so worth of “real” food. Things like chicken, turkey, or steak for good proteins, followed by veggies and clean long-lasting carbohydrates for energy while off grid. Now of course we’ll throw in some fun stuff too beer or some wine. But the fridge is always with us.”-@adventure.ovrlnd 


James Baroud Explorer Rooftop Tent

“Our James Baroud Explorer rooftop tent, along with our Toyota 4Runner, gives us the freedom to go and camp anywhere (ok almost anywhere) — and experience the outdoors in comfort, with 360-degree views! It’s the single best piece of equipment that we rely on the most during our overland adventures.”  -@overlandamericas 

Rooftop Tent Overland Equipment



“I have several pieces of gear that rank up there as favorites.  I decided to go with my Hardkorrlighting Unilights. These small but super bright lights are awesome.  They have a magnet and a bungee on the backside. They have bright white, low white, amber and amber strobe settings. You can use them to light up camp, work on your vehicle, or to take night photography.  They are a great addition to your kit.” -@nomadoverland 

Overland lighting


Outer Limits Supply LifeSaver Jerry Can

“I would say the Lifesaver water filtration system from Outer Limits Supply would be one of our favorites.  It alleviates the need to bring tons of water containers with us, or buying disposables ones. It makes it easy to convert any water supply into drinkable water. There is no longer the stress of having to find and locate a clean water source. This also lets us remain out and about for a very long time. We have been able to refill fellow travelers’ supplies with it as well.  It’s been a huge piece of kit to have aboard, and it comes with the amazing piece of mind knowing that we can always convert most any water supply into drinkable water.” -@ouroverlandlife



“Our Snomaster fridges are used every day. You could probably remove any other single item on our vehicles, and we could get by. You take our fridges....and we would really have to reset and recalibrate. When on long trips, the added benefits of not having soggy food from melted ice, the extra space associated with lack of ice, and not having to hunt down ice every couple days is huge! We can live out of our fridges for about one-and-a-half weeks before we need to resupply.“  -@rockcreekoverland 

Overland Equipment Car Fridge


Skottle,Flatbit, andThe Overland Cook Book

“To me, the cooking on the trail part is super important! I never go out camping without my Skottle, FlatPit, and The Overland Cook book! I make tasty meals with these two cooking tools without the need for a regular kitchen!” -@ovrlndx 


Power Tank

“My favorite thing to bring along on trips is my power tank. I love being able to air down on trails, and then air up again quickly. I've also used it to set debeaded tires on the trail, run power tools, clean air filters, and even cool down on a hot day in Moab. It's always in my truck.”  -@a.flemster

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