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March 30, 2020

When it comes to farming, you typically have lots of equipment that you use each day. Some you may love and some you may hate! We reached out to some of Instagram’s top farming accounts and asked them what their favorite piece of equipment is to use, when working on the farm.  If you’re a farmer and don’t have some of this equipment, we’d definitely recommend heeding this expert advice and considering adding some of these items to your gear collection.


What's Your Favorite Piece of Equipment When You Farm?

Favorite Farming Equipment


“My favorite piece of equipment to use when working on the farm is the Midland X-Talkers. We use MXT115s and MXT400s in our tractors, combines, semis, etc. They are also compatible with the X-Talkers. Wherever I go, the X-Talker goes, and I maintain instantaneous communication with anyone on the farm. Midland is by far the best farm communication there is!” -@werner_farms

MXT115 MicroMobile favorite farming equipment


“I like the Midland Micromobile MXT 400 for its awesome range and making things go a lot smoother. The Milwaukee impact works awesome and will bust loose or tighten a nut better than any human.“ -@hingtgenfarms

Midland MXT400 MicroMobile

My favorite piece of equipment is the combine. It’s always fun seeing the crops come in!” -@iowadairyboys

Favorite Farming Equipment - John Deere Combine    


“I love using our case IH 8920 Magnum with our Landoll 3 Shank Sub Soiler. It is a critical piece for doing fall tillage, as it helps lift the ground in very compacted areas from machinery travel.” -@farmingwisconsin


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“My favorite machine to run is our 2012 John Deere 8360R. It has a good look to it and has a very nice cab with all the bells and whistles. It rides like a Cadillac.” -@andersonfarms_mn

John Deere 8360R


“My favorite piece of equipment is our 8295R John Deere Tractor.  I've spent about 400 hours or more in it, and it’s a pleasure to run!” -@farmerboy8334

John Deere 8295R Farming Equipment


“This is my favorite piece of equipment because it’s a reliable machine when it comes to harvest time.  One of the most comfortable and smooth pieces of equipment to operate, and it always gets the job done.” -@burgesshillfarms

John Deere 9600 Combine


“My favorite piece of equipment on our farm is our John Deere 4555 tractor.  The 55 series is probably one of the most iconic John Deere tractor ranges. It is a very capable tractor that can do any job on the farm from planting, spraying, grain cart, ditch mowing, and tillage work. It is a true all-round machine that has minimal electronics and emission control systems that cause 90% of all breakdowns on farms.” -@geoffreyburgess

John Deere 4555


“Personally, I don’t like 1 specific tractor or equipment, but I like an implement. The cultivator. The way it fills or finishes the soil is satisfying and easy to like. Other things like dicing and plowing make the soil all clumpy and stuff, but hit it with the cultivator and it makes the field nice and smooth.” -@americans_farmers

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