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April 22, 2022

Midland Radio recently partnered with the Our Land Project by donating walkie talkies as a giveaway item.

On this Earth Day, we are highlighting how Our Land Project is making a difference in the environment.


John Kingston founded the Our Land Project just a few years ago in an effort to clean up public land. 

Kingston also owns Roaming Lost, a video and photo production company, working in the outdoor space. 

“We just want to encourage people to leave the outdoors area they’re exploring better than they found it," Kingston said.

Before the pandemic, the Our Land Project organized clean ups.

The last one before COVID, we had like 200 people and 30,000 pounds of trash taken from public land. It was significant.”

However, once the pandemic hit, he knew the company needed to pivot even as large gatherings were prohibited. 

“When COVID hit and the parks started closing, that’s when Our Land kind of came in on a larger level. One of my friends joined in and we turned it into just a small brand that promoted outdoor clean up in a person by person basis," he said.

The Our Land Project sells clean up kits that contain items like gloves, bags, and stickers.



As an avid outdoorsman, operating his production company in spaces like off-roading, the environment has always been important to Kingston.

“The land is there for us to enjoy, but we need to take care of it."

He was particularly moved once he arrived at a campsite in Colorado.

"I’ve had plenty of experiences where I show up to this beautiful place and there’s a fire ring filled with trash. We need to set a better example.”

He said now is the perfect time to get more people involved in clean up efforts.

“With COVID, there was a spike in people that were headed outdoors and that included some people who hadn’t done that before. The Our Land Project is a way to educate people and encourage them to clean up while outdoors," Kingston said.

He's hoping educating people as soon as they find their passion outdoors is key.

“I feel like if we get newer people to the outdoors and teach them the ethics ahead of time, we think they can carry it on themselves and also teach younger generations.”


Midland Radio donated sets of walkie taklies as a giveaway prize for one of the recent clean ups in Joshua Tree.

“We want to be able to give back to the people that are coming out to help with the cleanup.”

Many of the organizers already have Midland MicroMobiles installed in their vehicles, coming in handy as they helped keep the clean up moving. 

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