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February 20, 2024

Running a successful business like a restaurant, retail store, hotel, or even a warehouse comes down to efficiency. With the help of Midland business radios, your operation can reach new levels of efficiency, saving time and money.

Learn more about how a business radio could help you, Midland's different business radios, and how to find the best fit for your operation. 


Time is money when it comes to effectively running a business and communication directly impacts the efficiency in any business operation.

Two-way business radios are a functional solution to communication breakdowns. With push-to-talk communication, business radios allow staff members to easily press a button and reach every member of the team. This saves time, rather than cellphone calls which require calling, waiting for an answer, and then sharing that message with multiple people. 

The ease of communication cuts down on time searching for solutions or people in order to address a need at a business. By addressing a need in a timely manner, staff members are creating a more enjoyable customer experience, which in the end, is the goal of all businesses. 

It is important to know that most business radios require a license. Learn more about Midland's different business radios below.


This business radio is fit for the toughest of environments and is an industrial grade on-site business radio. 

While the MB400 is compact in size, it is known for its big performance. The MB400 has an IP67 waterproof rating and brings a full 4 watts of power. 

It comes right out of the box with 16 pre-programmed business-band channels or it can be customized with free programming software. The MB400's cloning capabilities make it easy for those in operations to easily program an indefinite amount of radios. 

Ideal for:

  • Construction sites
  • Office buildings
  • Car dealerships
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes 
  • Up to a 350,000 square foot warehouse

 The MB400 also comes in a 6-pack bundle.



Built for impressive and easy communication, the BR200 will meet communication demands. 

Bringing reliable two-way radio communication, the BR200's push-to-talk communication makes it easy and quick to keep multiple team members connected at the same time. 

With 16 pre-programmed channels, the BR200 is ready to go right out of the box. Users can also take programming to the next level with Midland's free PC programming software. 

Coming in at 2 watts of power, the BR200 has an Li-ion battery for extended battery life, keeping staff connected throughout their shifts. 

Ideal for:

  • Schools
  • 20-story hotels
  • Up to a 250,000 square foot warehouse

The BR200 also comes in a six-pack bundle



Small and lightweight, the BR180 will improve the customer experience by bringing unmatched efficiency. 

With up to 14 hours of battery life, the BR180 will make sure staff can keep connected throughout their entire shift. The BR180's 5-hour Rapid Recharge means staff members can easily recharge after their shift, knowing their radio will be charged up when they return.

Pre-programmed with four channels, the BR180 brings 1 watt of power, sure enough to keep the whole team in communication in one of them.

Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, the BR180 keeps users in the know, giving them the most possible time to react if severe weather is headed their way. 

The BR180 is ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Speciality retail stores

The BR180 is also available in a 6-pack bundle.



Keep the entire team connect with Midland's LXT600BBX6 FRS Business Bundle. 

These two-way business radios are FRS and license free, meaning you can easily set the team up with reliable, quick communication. This will save your business time and money.

While these business radios are small in size, they pack a punch to bring clear transmission and reception. 

Also featuring NOAA Weather Alert with Scan Technology, the LXT600BBs keep staff members alert in case of severe weather, giving them time to enact emergency plans.

Keep the team connected with easy communication.

The bundle includes headsets, a belt clips, rechargeable battery packs, and a desktop charger. 

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