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August 15, 2018

Midland Two-Way Radios:
Field Tested and Ranger Approved

Over the last five decades, we've learned a thing or two about making two way radios.  We recently partnered with The Dyrt Ranger Program. The program allows Dyrt Rangers to test our radios in the field while camping across the United States. From the mountains of northern California to the red rock desert of Utah, to the rugged terrain of the Cumberland Plateau, Rangers across the country love our radios convenience, durability, battery life, and NOAA weather features.

Check out what The Dyrt Rangers loved about our two way radios when adventuring across the country.

Ranger Tested: Kayaking


While kayaking in Louisville Lakes State Recreation Area, The Dyrt Ranger Daniel found that the weather features of his X-Talker T51VP3 walkie talkie helped him when decision making. He said, “I personally love the weather scan capability. It locks into the NOAA weather broadcasts to deliver you a forecast. This is very useful while you are on a backpacking trip or in my case doing some kayaking because it helps me plan my routes and assess risk for my activities.”

By clipping the radio to his lifevest and using AVPH3 Surveillance headsets he was able to easily communicate with his family as he paddled to their friend’s cottage 8 miles away!

Read the full review here

Ranger Tested: Overlanding

walkie talkie two way radios for overlanding jeep in moab

When overlanding north of Moab in Horsethief campground, The Dyrt Ranger Jenny used her T51X3VP3 X-Talker 3 pack to stay connected to everyone in her overlanding party. While picking their way across the jeep trails, Ranger Jenny said: “it is important to be in communication between vehicles when running a trail, these radios were awesome and worked as good as or better than a CB.”

Having reliable communication for every adventure make these radios a winner for Ranger Jenny,  "we are super excited to have these radios as part of our car camping and general gear arsenal. Because cell phones don’t always work or have service (especially in the backcountry), having another form of communication is important. Being able to use these in the winter when snowshoeing or touring will be great or for jeeping, mountain biking, hiking, and hunting in the summer/fall. They are compact, powerful, and easy to use."

Although handheld radios will work to connect overlanding parties Midland does recommend the MicroMobile line of radios due to its external antenna and increased range.

Read the full review here

Ranger Tested: Camping

two way radios walkie talkies camping

Ranger Darin took his X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5 while camping at Silver Bowl Campground in the Caribou Wilderness of northern California.  During his Memorial Day weekend, Ranger Darin found a variety of activities around the campground and ended up spending 3 days fishing and hiking.

He was looking for communication to keep him connected with others in his group while in remote wilderness, "when hiking in remote areas without cell service, or wandering around lakes fishing, it is a good idea to have some type of communication in case an emergency arises, or you just want to keep in contact with others in your group. These radios do exactly that...They will be a fixture in our camping gear going forward."

Read the full review here

Ranger Tested: Solo Camping


The Dyrt Ranger Kayla H. discovered that one of Midland's two way radios was useful on a solo camping trip at Rose Creek Retreat! When staying at a primitive campsite on the mouth of the Columbia River, Dyrt Ranger Kayla H. had planned to sleep under the stars in an open wickiup. A wickiup or wigwam is a type of dwelling made out of tree saplings tied together and covered with ferns, grasses, and brushwood.

Shortly after arriving at the campsite, she discovered swarms of hungry mosquitos. Ranger Kayla was prepared since she brought her walkie talkie and tent just in case. She set up her tent as a makeshift mosquito net. When deciding on whether or not to use her rain fly, she used the NOAA Weather scan on her T61VP3 X-Talker to check the overnight forecast. After hearing the skies were going to be clear, she skipped the rain fly and slept easy knowing she wouldn't be woken up by a rainstorm.

The Ranger Verdict

Whether you're on the trail, cruising on the water, or hanging out at the campground Midland's two way radios help you stay connected and informed.  The Dyrt Rangers loved having dependable communication regardless of cell coverage. Midland walkie talkies gave them peace of mind while playing in the great outdoors.

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