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April 01, 2022

Turkey hunting season has arrived across many portions of the United States. 

Open dates began in early March and run through early May depending on which part of the country you're in.

Midland Radio put together a list of five things you need to grab the perfect bird.

1. Turkey Decoy

Finding the right decoy is key to making sure you're prepared for a day of hunting. 

These decoys are designed to challenge big toms and bring them running right in front of your gun's sight. 

Cabela's has ultra-realistic decoys with a lifelike look and motion.

Choose from several options and lure the birds into your line of sight. 

2. Turkey Calls

Turkeys are loud and those yelps, clucks, cuts, and gobbles let us know where they are. 

Finding an authentic turkey call that brings out the bird will make your day easier and more enjoyable. 

Bass Pro has a long list of different turkey calls sure to lure the most enticing birds out into you gun range. 

3. X-TALKER T75VP3 Two-Way Radio

Reliable and clear communication while hunting is clear.

Whether you're caravanning to the hunt location, scouting, or speaking with your hunting partners Midland's T75VP3 brings an impressive communication range of up to 38 miles. 

With Midland's Mossy Oak® Break Up Country Camo pattern will bring a rugged look to these impressive walkie talkies. 

However, you'll need to check with your state's regulations to make sure the use of radios is legal. 

4. Clothing 

When you're spending long days outdoors on the hunt, staying comfortable all day should be a priority. 

Turkey hunting comes in early spring and that means inconsistent temperatures.

You'll want to ensure your clothes are keeping you warm while not making too much noise.

5. Binoculars and Rangefinders

Having the right optics can make a big difference in your hunting success. 

Using binoculars is helpful in spotting birds as they come in, judging their size, and more. 

Many hunters grab their rangefinder while they're setting up their decoys so that when a bird approaches, they know it's within range of their bow and/or shotgun.

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