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December 27, 2022

Midland Radio was the Official Communication Product of Four Wheeler's Overland Adventure.


Jeep returned as the presenting sponsor for the 2022 Four Wheeler Overland Adventure.

The Overland Adventure began October 10 in Southern California.

The four-day even features highway and backcountry driving by day, camping at night.

Attendees not only get to travel the road less traveled, but also hit historical highlights like exploring the area used as General George S. Patton Jr.'s WWII Desert Training Center. 

Four Wheeler's expedition features 10 4x4s fit for extended off-road travel and camping. Vehicles have sleeping quarters either in or on the vehicle or in or on a trailer.

Four Wheeler staff chose the participants out of dozens of applicants.

The first Overland Adventure was in 2019. The expedition has taken on Arizona and Utah in the past.



The four-day event was full of events that were an off-roaders dream.

On Monday, attendees took in a Sponsor Showcase, participant vehicle photography, and viewed a Desert Training Center.

Tuesday kicked off the overlanding with a driver's meeting before a full day on the trails.

Throughout the off-roading adventures on Wednesday, participants got to take part in a General George S. Patton Museum tour.

Thursday and Friday were full days on the trails before wrapping up the trip.

Midland Radio's Ambassador, Mike FIssel said there were countless memorable moments.

"The surprises were around every curve, over the top of every hill and mountain. There were just enough challenges in sections to keep it interesting from trail washouts, narrow shelf roads, and rocky slow go sections. Around the next curve might be an old mine site or a place of historic value. Over the next rise there were beautiful panoramic views of mountain ranges and valleys below. Descending down into the Jasper Tree National Monument, we experienced varied trail conditions and some great spots to take pictures."

For him, this was a bucket list event.

"I've been big in overlanding since 2007. The Mojave Desert is so immense and there are so many trails out there. There's also so much history out there that you could spend months exploring the whole thing." 



Midland Radio was the Official Communications Product of Four Wheeler's 2022 Overland Adventure.

The trail leader used a GMRS two-way radio to share interesting and helpful information about the area with the group as they drove through the backcountry.

Organizers asked that all participants stay on Chanel 16 throughout the trail ride. 

Midland Radio's ambassador, Mike Fissel, used Midland's MXT500 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio. This is Midland's highest-powered GMRS radio. With 50 Watts, this GMRS two-way radio takes radio range to new levels. 

Fissel also showcased Midland Radio's MXPW500- Ammo Can Base Station for MXT500. Built in a genuine surplus ammo can, this base station boasts a lithium ion battery and ability to charge through a solar panel. The base station is waterproof and nearly crushproof, fit for the most rugged adventures.

Fissel said adventurers were impressed with Midland's two-way radios.

"Our GMRS radios had the power, were so efficient and clear. The front Jeep and the back Jeep (35 vehicles later) had crystal clear comms the entire trip."



Attendees applied for a Special Recreation Permit through the United States Department of the Interior.

The permit was in effect on the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

One of the stipulations included the Desert Tortoise. One person on the adventure was given this designation, making them in charge of ensuring proper care of any tortoises the group encountered along the way. This included properly moving tortoises, proper sanitation, etc.  



Four Wheeler's Overland Adventure had several sponsors:

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