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July 23, 2020

Tough Work Demands a Tough Radio – How the Midland BizTalk Line Stands Up to Your Job

If you manage a demanding workspace, you need communication that can stand up to the job. Dusty conditions, exposure to water, fast-paced environments, concrete floors that can damage radios if dropped. There are loads of hazardous conditions in warehouses, construction sites, and other worksites — which means you need a seriously tough radio. A radio that is as tough as your industry.

If you find cell phones and cheap commercial radios just aren’t doing the work you need them to, consider a tough professional-grade business radio. The Midland BizTalk line features durable business radios meant for all-day use in a demanding environment.


Tough Radios for Schools, Restaurants, and Office Buildings

Midland - BizTalk Business Radio Lifestyle Image

If you're looking for a tough radio to use in any of these industries, theMidland BR200 is perfect for you. This compact two-watt radio is sturdy, but not too heavy. Working in a school, restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, warehouse, pharmacy, or retail store means you likely operate in a fast-paced environment. In industries and environments like that, efficient communication is crucial. This radio features bilingual voice announcements (English and Spanish), inputs for accessories, 16 business band channels, and 142 privacy codes for additional security. The BR200 is a highly reliable radio that can be adapted to fit any work environment.

If you are looking for a great deal, theBR200X6BGC features 6 BR200 radios PLUS a gang charger, keeping your radios constantly charged and ready to go.


Even Tougher & More Powerful Radios for Warehouses, Hotels, and Construction Sites

Midland BizTalk Business Radios for Warehouses

If you're looking for the next level of toughness, you need theMidland MB400. This industrial-grade radio is well-equipped to stand up to the job in these demanding workplaces. Whether you manage a hotel, large retail store, apartment complex, car dealership, warehouse, or construction site, this four-watt radio is a necessary component of your business communication process. The MB400 boasts an IP67 water- and dust-proof rating. Plus, each radio is made with a die-cast metal frame — meaning it is extremely durable and built to last.

The MB400 features 16 business band channels plus 142 privacy codes. It also has eVOX hands-free communication, emergency call, and bilingual voice announcements (English and Spanish). If you are looking for more bang for your buck, consider theMB400X6MC. This special deal includes 6 MB400 radios plus a gang charger.

Midland’s BizTalk business line offers tough radios that are built to last. If you are finding that commercial radios or cell phones aren’t up to the job, consider the Midland BR200 or the MB400. These radios are durable, efficient, reliable, and created specifically to handle the demands of your work.

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