November 01, 2022

With fall in full swing, it's cooled off and for many that means spending time exploring the outdoors is much more pleasant.

Midland Radio has long been partnering with off-roaders who share their adventures, tips and tricks, and helpful tools on Instagram.

Here are some of Midland Radio's top off-roading Instagram accounts to give a follow.


Natasha is the host of an all-women off-road group called the Hardline Ladies based in Southern California.



Follow along as this account shares some of the most beautiful sights off-roading has to offer. They'll take you along the adventure.



This page is full of Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon off-road and camping content. They don't just take you with them to cool destinations, but also walk you through their build process.



Based in Michigan, Becca shares her life with her followers...including her yellow Jeep and yellow dog.



This Instagram will take you deep into the woods while they map out upgrades and destinations with his Jeep Gladiator.



This pizza and Jeep enthusiast is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He shares his build process and some of his off-road adventures with his followers. Of course that includes some yummy za' along the way.



Keri is based out of Texas and is part of the Jeep Girl Mafia Club. With her uniquely colored Jeep, Keri shares her off-road adventures.



Aram isn't just an off-roader, but he also shares his experiences as a detective sergeant and professor. Not to mention, he also hosts a podcast. Follow along as he shares his life and off-road experiences.



This page is full of off-road and build content for trucks. Take a look at the rig build process and where these trucks travel to once they're fit for the outdoors.



Chase takes his Lexus through some of the country's most stunning scenery and as a photographer, his pictures are unlike anything else.



As an automotive creator, this account shows of its Lexus with a special wrap travel the country on numerous adventures.



The 4Runner Crew doesn't just walk its followers through the build process, but also take them along for their adventures on the road and on the trail.



Whether it's the build, off-road trips, or her daily life, Bri and the Queen (her Jeep's name) are along for the ride. Check in as she shares her favorite products and her thrilling adventures on the trails.


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