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November 13, 2020

Minnesota offers numerous exhilarating mountain biking trails ranging across the state from the recreation-rich region of Duluth to the trails surrounding the Twin Cities. Whether you are looking for a downhill excursion, cross-country journey, or a leisurely ride with a scenic route, you’ll find plenty of mountain biking trails to choose from in the great state of Minnesota.  Whichever style of ride you are looking for, the state’s many mountain biking trails provide a fast-flying and fun way for riders of all skill levels to explore Minnesota.

Some trails are well-known and attract hundreds of users, while others are off the beaten path. In the state of Minnesota, you’ve got lots of options on which trail you and your mountain bike will want to hit next. These are the top 9 trails you are going to want to ride!

Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Covering over 2,000 acres, Lebanon Hills caters towards several types of recreational activities, including mountain biking. Lebanon offers some of the best mountain biking in Minnesota and is definitely worth a visit. The park is built and maintained by the nonprofit Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC). Lebanon features 12 miles of smooth single track that ranges from beginners to experts. The trails are well marked to ensure easy navigation. Throughout the trail, you’ll experience routes full of logs, drops, and rock gardens. Lebanon is definitely a trail every cyclist must ride.

These beautiful Minnesota are perfect to explore via mountain bike.

Elm Creek Park Reserve

At 4,000 acres, the Elm Park Reserve is a large area near the Twin Cities metro. The trails always draw the mountain climbing crowd, and the trail is especially busy on the weekends. The trail includes 12 miles of single track to explore, ranging anywhere from beginners to elite features. There is plenty of trail to share along the way. The mountain bike route follows a woody path before touring around a vast, open prairie field finished with scenic views of the lake. I recommend you take your time as you pedal your way through Elm Creek.

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

Located only 20 miles south of the Twin Cities, the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is among the more popular mountain biking destinations for all types of riders. The trail can be the ultimate escape from the city. The nine-mile trail will definitely test your legs throughout the ride. Your legs will feel the burn through the lush forest, scenic prairie, and many fun but challenging obstacles.

Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Biking Trail

Riders who visit the Cuyuna Lakes won’t be disappointed as they hit the trails throughout the area. The bike trail was created on the grounds of an abandoned iron mine, leaving the soil to have a red tint. You can venture off onto over 25 miles of trail that overlooked the teal mining lakes. The Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Biking Trail is part of a larger area call the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, which provides numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.



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Theodore Wirth Regional Park

Theodore Wirth Regional Park is located just 2 miles away from the Twin Cities. The park is the largest open space in Minneapolis park system, providing a nice outdoor sanctuary for thousands of the cities population. The 750 acres provide several popular activities such as swimming on the shore of Wirth Lake, and golfing on the 18-hole golf course. The park is very popular for mountain biking. There are five different mountain biking loops to ride within the Theodore Regional Park, and each provides a different degree of difficulty with unique scenery to enjoy along the way. For first timers, the recommended trail is the North Loop as it provides an easy trail through the heart of Minneapolis.

Piedmont Bike Trails

Piedmont Bike Trails is located in the scenic North Shore area Duluth. Duluth is known as the recreational capital of the state, with activities such as mountain biking, cross-country hikes, hunting, skiing, sailing, and dog-sled races. With the numerous activities available, mountain biking is by far the most popular. There are over 9 miles of trails that you can explore. Along the way, you’ll see views of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River. The trail ranges for beginners to expert. This is one trail you won’t want to miss!

Hillside City Park

Hillside City Park features six miles of windy and curvy single track to all mountain bikers. The trail is located just 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Along the way, riders can take a variety of obstacles if they choose, including riding over log bridges, rock gardens, and sharp turns. This trail provides many challenges for seasoned bikers, but also great for first timer riders!

Explore these beautiful trails of Minnesota on two wheels.

Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain operates as a ski resort for a few months out of the year and covers 175 acres of skiable terrain. Outside of the ski season, Spirit Mountain provides a chairlift-enabled downhill mountain biking that keeps riders coming back. Riders can cruise down a wide variety of trails here, some which stretch for more than 4,700 feet of downhill thrill. The mountain caters to all types of riders with all levels of skill, making it a top destination for downhill mountain biking in all of Minnesota.

Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Bike Trail

Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Bike Trail is a 15-mile trail located in downtown Hopkins. The trail runs through the communities of Minnetonka, Excelsior, and Victoria. Throughout your ride you’ll go through dense forest, and housing developments. You’ll even paddle by Lake Minnetonka, so be sure to bring your camera on this scenic route.

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