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May 09, 2024

Warmer weather here and now's the time to start planning the perfect summer adventure.

Whether you're headed out on a hike, planning a weekend of camping, or going on a fishing trip, Midland has you covered with two-way radios and emergency radios.

Take a look at our summer adventure must haves!


An employee favorite, Midland's T71s are the perfect walkie talkies for every adventure, especially when cell phone service is spotty or nonexistent. 

With seriously impressive battery life, these handheld two-way radios will keep you connected throughout your adventure. 

Compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS two-way radios, the T71s bring clear, crisp communication straight your fingertips. 

Not to mention, the T71s have Weather Alert Scan with Weather Scan technology so you'll get the latest information about severe weather in your area straight from the National Weather Service. 

Grab a set of these as you head out for the hike, need to keep connected while backing in the RV at the campground, or for boat-to-boat communication on the lake.



When you're bringing the whole family together for a fun summer adventure, communication shouldn't be an after thought.

Keeping connected doesn't just mean building life-lasting memories, but also keeping safe.

Easy to use right out of the box, the T10X3Ms are the perfect option for passing out to the kids so you can keep in touch throughout the summer trip. 

With clear and crisp voice clarity, the entire family is just a (push-to-talk) button away for instant communication. 

Water resistant and featuring NOAA Weather Radio, these walkie talkies are built for the outdoors with severe weather in mind. This way if severe weather pops up, the T10X3Ms will let everyone know as soon as possible so everyone can get to safety.

In three fun colors, the entire family will have a blast making communication part of the summer adventure ahead!



Make preparedness a priority with Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio. 

Weather can sometimes be hard to predict so it's crucial if taking to the outdoors that you're getting life-saving information.

Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio plugs into the nearest NOAA Weather Radio station so you can receive alerts if/when tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, or other emergency alerts are popping up in the area. With NOAA Weather Radio, users will get the latest, most accurate information straight from the National Weather Service. 

The ER40 Emergency Crank Radio has several sources of power to ensure you're alert the entire adventure- lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, and hand crank. 

Equipped with a flashlight and SOS strobe, users can easily navigate the campsite at night, a dark cave along the hike, or alert others in distress. 

Not to mention, the ER40 has AM/FM Radio for entertain along the way.

Make safety a top priority before heading out on the next summer adventure.



When heading off grid to go on a family camping trip, off-road excursion, or on a multi-day hike, the XT511 GMRS Base Camp is a must-have item.

This base camp provides GMRS two-way radio communication, NOAA Weather Radio, and AM/FM Radio.

With GMRS two-way radio, the XT511 brings powerful, clear, and crisp communication so you can keep in contact with one another at the campsite as others head out for various activities. 

Because this basecamp has NOAA Weather Radio, outdoor adventurers will get the latest information straight from the National Weather Service. So, as severe weather or emergencies come about, you'll be aware and informed, giving you time to seek shelter. 

The XT511 also comes packed with an LED flashlight to navigate the campground at night, a USB charging port to keep other devices powered up, and more.

Not to mention, this base camp has multiple power options that include a rechargeable battery pack, AC and DC adapters, dynamo hand crank, and four standard "AA" batteries. 

This makes the XT511 an essential communication tool for every summer adventure!

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