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March 12, 2021

If you own a Jeep, then you know what Jeep life all is about. Jeeps are so customizable, you can build yours however you want! One of the best sources of inspiration, when you're starting your build, is Instagram.  With a quick follow of any of our top Jeepers, you can get awesome ideas for your build. Check out this list of our favorite Jeeper Instagram accounts.


Top Jeepers You Need on Your Instagram Feed


1. @jeepgirl726

Top Jeepers on Instagram 1


You’ll see this girl in her black and pink-trimmed Jeep Wrangler Sport.  Nikki goes on several off-roading trips with her family each year, they all have Jeeps too.  Check out this top Jeeper on Instagram to learn tips and tricks for your own awesome Jeep build.


Why did you choose Jeep?

“It fits with my outdoor lifestyle and I love that it can take me places a lot of people can’t get to. I never used to like the desert, but since owning a Jeep, it’s become one of my favorite places. I never realized how much there is to explore out there. Owning a Jeep is a lifestyle. Get out there and explore!”




2. @makehermean

Best Jeep Accounts on Instagram


Catie has traveled all over the United States and Canada in her blue Wrangler.  What started as just another trip in her new Jeep, turned into a lifestyle. Now she spends her time road-tripping, overlanding, off-roading, and most recently, rock crawling.  This Jeep has seen more of the country than most people!


Why did you choose Jeep?

“I bought my Jeep two weeks before heading out on an unplanned multi-year road trip. I wanted a convertible that had real capability. There's still room to store my things and I’m not limited by rough roads. This Jeep is what inspired the entire journey. What was supposed to be a 3-month vacation quickly turned into a whole new lifestyle. The Jeep life is unique and I’m about it!”




3. @gobi_recon 

Jeep grid 3


Josh is the account holder of @Gobi_recon.  He joins the Jeep crowd with a black 2020 Jeep Gladiator.  His favorite part about it is the removable top for those warm summer days.  When he’s in his Jeep, you’ll find him overlanding and off-roading. Give him a follow and you’ll get an inside look at the best technology to use with a Jeep.


What's your favorite piece of equipment to have when Jeeping?

Midland's GMRS radios to stay in touch with my trail buddies.”




4. @jeepdaisy 

Jeep grid 4


If you want to see a patriotic Jeep, give @jeepdaisy a follow.  You’ll know April is coming when you see her white 2018 JL Rubicon with red and black accents.  You will immediately fall in love with the patriotic grill inserts! April has a passion for Jeeping and camping, she regularly combines the two for the ultimate adventure.  She lives for finding the next new and exciting place to explore.


What's your favorite piece of equipment to have when Jeeping?

“My absolute favorite piece of equipment is the Midland GMRS Micromobile Radio! It has proven to save me from a few intense situations. When you have a great spotter and a great radio, there isn’t generally a need for any other equipment!”




5. @jeepstermcjeepface

Top Jeepers 5


Located in Atlanta, Georgia you’ll find Marvin driving around in a 1973 Jeep Commando. You may see this red, black, and gold Jeep on off-road adventures, or even crawling some rocks.  Give this guy a follow and you’ll see all the rocks his Jeep can climb!


Best advice for new Jeep owners?

“Build it right the first time.”




6. @mojitojeep

Jeep Instagrammers 6


When you see @mojitojeep on the road, you won’t miss it.  James' 2018 lime green Jeep Wrangler JL is an eye catcher.  Not only does he have a bright green build, but also a yellow 2020 neon Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. You can follow that build here: @neongladiatorjt.  James loves to jeep with his jeep-loving wife @mojitjlchick. Give this guy a follow and check out his unique and bright builds.


Why did you choose Jeep? 

“Because they are like giant Legos! So much that you can do to them to make them truly one of a kind.”




7. @2inlove_with_adventure

Best Jeep Instagram Accounts 7


Mike and Lena travel everywhere, on or off the road.  They love to take their 2018 JK Rubicon to discover new places and revisit their favorite places.  Together Mike and Lena wheel and make a difference. They celebrate the amazing people of the off-road community and list events for worthy causes. Follow them and watch as they share their adventures!


What's your favorite piece of equipment to have when Jeeping?

“Our comms equipment. We use our X-talkers, weather radio and MicroMobile every time we go out.”




8. @canineoverland

Jeeper grid 8


If you love dogs and Jeeps, @canineoverland is one to follow.  Johnny drives a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Limited. It even has a custom wrap to show his love for canines.  Johnny takes his Jeep on overlanding and off-roading adventures. He also fills it up with canines for his daily dog pack walks.  @canineoverland is one you need to follow!


What's unique about your Jeep? 

“We custom design our wrap to portray our adventure lifestyle and our love for canines. My girlfriend is the one who created the design and I built the rig to cater to our needs when we are off the grid.”

Follow @canineoverland 



9. @jeepsies

Jeeps on Instagram


Eric has been traveling with his family full-time for nearly 6 years now.  Unlike most Jeepers, Eric Jeeps full time, which also means he and his family of 3 live in his Jeep.  He and his family store everything they have and need in their 2014 JKU Rubicon, which they named Guardian.  Together they rock crawl, overland, and explore.


What's unique about your Jeep?

“Our Jeep, unlike most others, is set up for full-time travel. This is much different than most other overlanding builds, which are built for just a week- or month's worth of travel time. We have everything we need for three of us to thrive in our travels for extended periods of time. Our setup and breakdown time for making-camp was of primary concern in our build. And it was also important that it could all be done by one adult if necessary, in case of emergency. Every piece of gear on our Jeep is top of the line gear that has to be able to withstand the rigors and demands we put on our Jeep daily”.




10. @saradolll

Jeepers on IG 10


Sara is the proud owner of a red 2014 JKU.  Her unique Jeep build gets recognized on the trails instantly! When she goes on adventures, she loves to trail with her Jeep family! You’ll get your Jeep fill and get some tips on where to trail ride in her home state of Arizona!


Best advice for new Jeep owners? 

“Hold on, it’s a crazy fun ride!”




11. @jku_maddy

Top Jeepers on Instagram 11


Maddy is a Jeep girl, living the Jeep dream.  You’ll see her cruising down the road in her 2015 Wrangler Unlimited Sport.  With the unique color of tank clearcoat or dark green, you’ll be able to spot the Wrangler anywhere.  Give her a follow and you’ll see all the places she travels with her Jeep.


What's your favorite place to go with your Jeep?

“Anywhere it takes me.” 




12. @jl.tidalwave_turbo

Best jeeps on Instagram


Samantha is an Arizona native with a sweet black 2018 JLU.  She loves to take her build anywhere that isn’t pavement. Give her a follow and check out her custom wrap that she designed, set to be installed at the end of October!


What's your favorite piece of equipment to have when Jeeping?

Two-way radio! We are usually in places with no service, so it's the easiest way to stay connected!”




13. @geronimo_outland

Top Jeepers on IG


Give Alejandro a follow and you’ll see his bright white (just like a space shuttle) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.  This Jeep is an overland build designed for short weekend trips and remote exploration. Alejandra loves to travel with his favorite co-pilot: his wife. Together they take amazing pictures and go on many adventures.


Why did you choose Jeep? 

“The aftermarket support is endless for these vehicles. This was important because it gave us so many options when building (or repairing) the Jeep. That, and I wanted something timeless. For me, Jeeps only get better with age”.




14. @jeeper_allib

Jeep drivers on Instagram


Alli is just a girl with her 2014 Wrangler, which she calls Sterling.  She chose Jeep because it’s always been her dream vehicle. Give her a follow and join her on her next off-road adventure.


Best advice for new Jeep owners?

“Don’t let other people affect your decision on what your Jeep looks like.”




15. @ellie_rhino_jku

Instagram jeep owners


For Ellie, Jeeps have always run in the family. So of course, she instantly fell in love and got one too.  Her 2018 JKU Sport is super unique with the teal lights. This girl takes her Jeep everywhere! It's certainly a Jeep that you want on your Instagram feed!


Best advice for new Jeep owners?

“Be sure to do the Jeep wave!”


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