March 03, 2020

Off-roading has become a popular American pastime, which only continues to grow in popularity. And one of the great things about off-roading is that it can easily be a year-round activity. The only things holding you back are the weather in your neck of the woods, and your willingness to drench your rig in mud.

To celebrate the arrival of 2020, we’re doing a comprehensive roundup of our favorite off-roading trails, all over the country. We’ve broken the US into 8 different regions, and over the next couple of months, we will be posting one article on the Top 7 off-road trails in each of those eight regions. So, no matter where you are across America we’ll have awesome trails recommendations coming your way. From beginner to advanced, we’ll have something for everyone.


Top 7 Off-Road Trails in The Midwest

Best Off-Road Trails in the Midwest


Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

The beautiful, lush Black Hills of western South Dakota cover more than 600-miles of trails for off-road enthusiasts. The trail includes everything from grassy plains to heavily wooded trails and some challenging rock crawling. You’ll end the day feeling like you’ve visited multiple destinations in one trip. You’ll experience 11 reservoirs, 1,300-miles of streams, and 13,000 acres of wilderness; making this a thrilling and scenic over-roading trip. And without a doubt, one of the best off-road trails in the midwest.


Silver Lake, Michigan

Silver Lake State Park is home to 2,000 acres of sand dunes, including 450-acres of sand dunes made specifically for use by off-roading vehicles.  The tree-lined area offers long stretching dunes, deep wet crossings, and steep climbs for crawling. Along the trails, you can see the beautiful panoramic lake views.  The park also offers a variety of non-4x4 activities, such as water sports, hiking, archery, hunting, camping, and fishing. It’s one stop that is sure to have something for the whole family. With so much space to explore, we'd recommend that a few people in your group bring along a walkie-talkie to keep in contact throughout the day.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes


Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR), Missouri 

This 950-mile off-road park is located right outside of Seymour, Missouri, and is a premier wheelin’ destination in the Midwest.  Approximately 176-miles of track lies in the heart of the southern tip of Missouri, making it perfect for Jeep enthusiasts. There is something for everyone, young or old, and trails range from easy to expert.  New trails are being cut and added frequently. A day at SMORR Park gives people of all ages the adventure they’ve been craving.

Off Road Trails in the Midwest 2


Moose Walk Trail, Minnesota

Located in the Sawtooth Mountains along Minnesota’s scenic North Shore, the Moose Walk Trail is family-friendly.  The trail connects with the Red Dog Trail for a hilly ride that winds through stands of spruce and pine, making it highly sought after by ATV riders. There are even shelters located along the trails for riders who need a break before pushing on.


Kimball Bottoms, North Dakota 

The Kimball Bottoms borders the Missouri River and has over 400-acres of trails, play areas, sand bars, and islands that are accessible when the water level is low. When you decide to take a break from the trails, the area is also a popular place to fish, boat, and camp. All vehicle types are welcome, but the area is especially popular with Jeep owners.

Kimball Off-Road Rec Area


Cheese Country Trail, Wisconsin 

The Cheese Country Trail is a 47-mile multi-use trail in Lafayette County.  The trail runs throughout the county, connecting towns and villages along the way.  The trail is best known for its rolling hills and rocky outcroppings that have been left untouched by the glaciers. One of the main reasons we think this is among the best off-road trails in the midwest is because their network of multi-use trails are open to hiking, biking, ATV’s, UTV’s, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and more. Everyone can have a day of fun at Cheese Country Trail.


Dismal River Trail, Nebraska 

The Dismal River Trail is one of the few motorized trail riding areas in Nebraska that is open to the public.  The trail also has 33-miles for off-road vehicles that wind through the forest and run across the grasslands. The trails are sandy and contain a mix of straightaways and sharp turns. There are even a few hills for the crawling enthusiasts in the group.

Jeep off-road trails in the Midwest

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