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April 07, 2021

What life-saving device is cheaper than a fire extinguisher, a helmet, or a bulletproof vest? The Midland ER10VP handheld weather radio! At $19.99, it’s the least expensive AM/FM Weather Radio on the market. And with Midland’s commitment to quality, reliability and special features, it’s a device you can trust.

This palm-sized, pocket-friendly radio goes wherever you do.  Listen to AM or FM radio and when a weather alert is issued, it overrides that broadcast to deliver immediate life-saving information direct from the National Weather Service (USA) or Environment Canada (Eh!)



    • Camping

    • Hiking

    • Boating

    • Golfing

    • Outdoor construction

    • RV and off-road vehicles


    • While boating on a large lake or in the ocean, a severe thunderstorm warning sends you back to shore before you get overtaken and capsized by high wind

    • While hiking, you hear a wildfire warning and change direction to avoid smoke and fire

    • While camping beside a babbling brook a flash flood warning warns of a wall of water coming your way

    • While roofing a building, a high wind warning gets you and your equipment down before disaster strikes

    • On the highway, a tornado warning has you pull over before you drive into a twister

    • Far from any cell phone towers, you receive life-saving warnings you would have missed

Remember, everyone needs to have multiple, redundant methods of receiving warnings.  Your cell phone, along with the Midland ER10VP radio will give you more than one way to receive information.  And if you’re listening to AM or FM radio and a weather alert is issued, that life-saving bulletin overrides, and automatically alerts you.

Keep the ER10VP in your pocket, in your backpack, in your golf bag, your car, or your purse.  Take it wherever you go, and you’ll have immediate access to important information from the National Weather Service as well as local and national radio sources.  And there’s a super-bright flashlight, too.  All for just $19.99.   The only cheaper life-saver is a candy!

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