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December 18, 2020

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released its first-ever Homeland Threat Assessment, identifying the most dangerous threats to our nation and its citizens. Utilizing a variety of intelligence elements and expertise within the department, they identified seven areas of concern, two of which have a direct impact upon you and your family: cyber-security and natural disasters.

The Cyber Threat

If you haven’t done so already, purchase some computer security services or software to protect your home computer from viruses, malware and ransomware. DHS notes the cyber security risk is big and getting bigger.  The culprits are both nation states like China and Russia, and individual cybercriminals and cyber gangs who have caused more than $2.7 billion in losses this year alone.  That’s more than double the damage done last year.

Make sure you always download your computer’s most recent software from the developer’s own site. Be careful where you browse on the Internet and avoid “click bait” websites that entice you with engaging headlines, or COVID-19 information. Beware of pop-up ads that claim your computer is infected. Even clicking their ‘close” button could get you in trouble. Protect your computer by using trusted protection software such as Bitdefenderand Malwarebytes, among others.

Make sure you are prepared for cyber and weather threats.

Have strong passwords, and change them occasionally. A password that includes ten numerals, characters, and special symbols will be tougher to crack than a simple birthdate, anniversary, or pet name.

Natural Disasters

As of October, the US has suffered sixteen separate disasters that have caused more than $1 billion in damages…and we’re not yet finished with 2020’s hurricane or wildfire seasons. This record-setting pace is due to the collision of a hyper-active hurricane season and out-of-control wildfires, with an expanding US population. As our cities grow and our homes become bigger and more expensive, the clean-up costs of natural disasters go higher.

Protect your life and property with a NOAA Weather Radio. Getting official alerts immediately from the National Weather Service allows you time to get your family to shelter. Again this year people have died in wildfires when cell phone towers burned and left phone customers with no source of warnings. NOAA Weather Radio is a radio broadcast that brings life-saving alerts directly to your family, day or night. The WR120 desktop radio can be programmed to alert for only your specific county, and its 80-decibel alert tone guarantees you’ll know when danger is imminent.

Make sure you have a weather radio to protect you in case of emergencies.

The US Department of Homeland Security does everything in its power to protect you from threats and dangers; the rest is up to you. Do everything in your power to provide for your family. Have a NOAA Weather Radio, and keep it plugged in and turned on all the time, so it can silently protect you. It’s peace of mind for just pennies a day!

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