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March 12, 2022

Daylight saving time in 2022 begins March 13.

To mark the Spring forward, Midland Radio is running its Daylight Saving Time promotion- free coffee with any purchase on March 14. Use the code SAVING at checkout. 

In order to make the adjustment as seamless as possible for your household, here's a checklist of eight things you can do.


Now is the perfect time to replace the batteries in your NOAA Weather Radio.

While your Midland weather radios are plugged into the wall, it's important to have batteries in the device in case you lose power. 

Grab AA batteries to make sure your family's radio is prepared for the severe weather the spring and summer often brings.

Planning ahead of time means ensuring your family has what it needs to receive life-saving alerts.


With the start of Daylight Saving Time, it's important your clocks reflect the time change.

We're springing forward so make sure you check the clocks in your car, on your stove, microwave, and more to avoid any confusion at home. 


While you're changing your NOAA Weather Radio batteries, you might as well do the same with the smoke detectors in your home. 

Fire experts recommend you change out the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year. 

If you have a hard-wired smoke detector, it's recommended you switch those batteries once a year...why not do it at daylight saving time every year?

Fire experts also suggest buying a new smoke detector or smoke alarm every 10 years.

For steps on changing the batteries in your smoke detector, head here


Energy experts say that changing the direction of your ceiling fan at the beginning of summer and winter months will help keep costs down.

Older ceiling fans and some still sold today, might not have a reverse functions. 

For tips on how to reverse your fans, head here

When you're reversing your clocks, it's an easy remind to change your fans. 


When springing forward, we're losing an hour of sleep.

While that might not seem like a huge change, it can impact how rested you feel.

Grab a bag of Midland's High-Powered Joe Coffee. 

Our coffee is made by Got Your Six Coffee Co. and brings a flavorful blend that's roasted with a purpose of helping veterans.

Net profits of Got Your Six Coffee Co. directly benefit EMTs, LEOs, firefighters, veterans, and their families.


While you're making other small tweaks around the house, check and replace the filters throughout your home.

That includes filters in your central heat and air unit, but also water filters, front-loading washing machine drain pump filters, air humidifier/dehumidifiers, air purifiers, vacuum, and HEPA filters.

It might not be necessary to replace these so just check the manufacturer instructions for their replacement suggestions. 


Severe weather is on the way so now is the perfect time to make sure your family has everything it needs in its first aid and emergency go kits.

Weather is always changing this time of year, so you want to ensure everything is set. 

This includes prescription medications and glasses, pet food and supplies, important family documents, cash and change, non-perishable food, band aids, a portable NOAA Weather Alert Radio, and more. 

Midland's ER210 E+Ready® Compact Emergency Crank WX Radio is the perfect addition to your kit. If you're evacuating due to a hurricane, wildfire, or your electricity goes out, you won't have to worry about power as this radio has multiple sustainable power sources- solar, hand crank, and rechargeable batteries. Not only will this radio give you important weather alerts straight from NOAA, but it also has a flashlight that will help you if you lose power and need to navigate in low-light spaces. 


Make sure your family has a solid emergency plan in place.

The start of Daylight Saving Time is a great time to put your plan together because severe weather season will be here soon.

Ready.gov has a list of questions that will help your family put the plan together.

  • How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  • What is my shelter plan?
  • What is my evacuation route?
  • What is my family/household communication plan?
  • Do I need to update my emergency preparedness kit?

You should also consider any specific needs in your household such as different ages, responsibilities for helping others, dietary needs, medical needs, disabilities, pets, and more.

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