June 01, 2023

Father's Day is only a few weeks away and what better way to celebrate the men in your life by equipping them for any adventure with the help of Midland Radio.

Look no further, Midland Radio has put together a list of its top five items for dad.

MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

Bring the power this summer with Midland Radio's MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio.

With 40 Watts of power, this radio will equip dad to stay connected on the farm, on the trail, anywhere his adventures might take him.

Compatible with all of Midland's walkie talkies and MicroMobiles, the MXT400 allows users to transmit with authority.


ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Make sure dad is prepared for any adventure or emergency with the help of Midland's ER40. 

Whether he's headed out on a hike, spending a day angling in a boat, or preparing for severe weather, the ER40 will bring him peace of mind when it comes to safety. With the ER40, users will get the latest information straight from the National Weather Service. With this information, the man in your life will be able to seek shelter when outdoors or enact their emergency plan. This is key as cellphone service isn't guaranteed when exploring the outdoors. 

The ER40 also comes equipped with several power sources- lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, and hand crank. This ensures dad can stay up to date if power is lost, he's navigating the outdoors, or evacuating due an emergency or storm. 

Midland Radio's ER40 also features AM/FM radio, clock, backlit LCD display, and a flashlight with an SOS Strobe, allowing adventurers to alert others in case help is needed in an emergency. 

With a wrist lanyard, the ER40 is easy to pack and carry around, perfect for any adventure. 


Midland Crest Hat

Keep dad protected from the sun and looking great with Midland's "Est. 1959" Crest Patch Hat.

This high-quality hat is perfect for the field, trails, the mountains, beach, or family BBQ. Keep dad looking good while supporting one of his favorite brands.


T10X3 Multi-Color Pack X-Talker® Two-Way Radio

Give dad the gift of family communication. 

This set of three walkie talkies comes in multiple colors, sure to keep the family connected on any adventure.

The T10X3M is a low cost, yet reliable solution providing clear reception, clear transmission, and clear sound quality. This will bring safety through connection as the family sets out to explore.

The multi-colored walkie talkies are so easy to use, great for family members of all ages. Other features include 22 channels, Channel Scan, and Midland Radio's legendary NOAA Weather Alert which will sound an alarm to indicate a risk of severe weather in the area. Having this feature will be sure to help dad make safety a priority. 

With the T10X3M, create lasting memories with the whole family.


Midland Radio MXT115VPR Retro Off-Road Bundle

Power up dad's rig with Midland Radio's MXT115VPR Retro Off-Road Bundle.

With 15 Watts of power, the MXT115 brings clear, reliable communication to every adventure. With this level of communication, your off-road adventurer can stay in touch with others both for safety and connection. The MXT115 also features NOAA Weather Radio alerts to bring the latest information from the National Weather Service in case severe weather is headed towards the adventure. Pair the MXT115 with any of Midland's MicroMobiles and walkie talkies to communicate in and out of the vehicle.

This bundle doesn't just pack a punch with its power, but also comes loaded with some of Midland's most-loved accessories such the MXTA25 3dB Ghost Antenna, MXTA27 Universal Lip Mount, and Retro Speaker. These accessories won't just bring clearer, more reliable communication, but also make installation that much easier. 

Turn to Midland Radio for the perfect gift for your adventure-seeking dad.


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