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February 16, 2023

Two-way radio communication continues to prove its importance as outdoor adventurers take on explorations through off-roading, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, RVing, and more.

Two-way radios are no exception to improvements in technology.

Midland Radio breaks down CB Radio, GMRS, and why making the switch from CB to GMRS will improve your communication. 


Citizens Band Radio, otherwise known as CB radio, was invented in 1945 by Al Gross.

CB radio operates on 40 shared channels in AM mode. 

With maximum power topping out at 4 Watts, there is no license required to operate a Citizens Band Radio. CB operates on 40 shared channels, but Channel 9 is reserved for emergencies. With a maximum of 4 Watts, CB Radio is designed for short-range communication. 

The CB radio rose to fame in the 1970s as it became a staple in pop culture, featured in Burt Reynolds’ classic Smokey and The Bandit and Cledus Maggard & the Citizen’s Band 1976 hit White Knight.

Midland Radio is known as the first CB radio manufacturer in the United States.

While CB Radio continues to be the primary source of communication within the trucking industry, it does characteristically produce some static.



General Mobile Radio Service or GMRS radio takes power to the next level.

Operating on the UHF frequency in FM Mode, GMRS brings clear and crisp communication. 

GMRS two-way radio communication offers up power in a range of anything over 2 Watts and up to 50 Watts. Range is dependent on wattage, line of sight, terrain, and other obstacles such as trees.

All GMRS two-way radios operate on a set of pre-programmed channels so users won't have to worry about any programming for general use. 

"There is no grounding or tuning of the antenna required, making these radios about as plug and play as it gets," Andrew Kinsman, Director of Marketing Shared Services with Midland Radio said.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does require users to obtain a license. However, the license only costs $35, is good for 10 years, and covers your immediate family.

Midland Radio broke into the GMRS market with its MicroMobile line in 2016. Now, Midland offers MicroMobiles that are 15 Watts of power, 40 Watts, and 50 Watts.



As GMRS two-way radio technology advances, Midland Radio has seen a large number of off-road groups make the switch from CB to GMRS radios.

For example, Jeep Jamboree USA requires GMRS two-way radios at all of its events. Midland is also the Official Communications Sponsor for Jeep Jamboree.

Because GMRS two-way radio operates in FM rather than AM mode like CB, GMRS brings in crisp communication with little to no static. 

GMRS two-way radios are easy to use and for many of Midland's MicroMobiles, vehicle installations can be completed in minutes. No antenna tuning is required.

With Midland's 50 Watt GMRS radios- the MXT500 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio and the MXT575 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio, users get more than 10 times the power of CB radios.



The MXT115 boasts 15 watts, more than triple the power of traditional handheld two-way radios. This is a great starter GMRS MicroMobile two-way radio for users looking for reliable communication. 

Easy to use and easy to install, the MXT115 features all eight GMRS repeater channels. It's also compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS handheld walkie talkies.

The MXT115 is also equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, keeping users up to date with the latest information straight from the National Weather Service. This way users will get the time they need to act in case of inclement weather or emergencies.

With a USB-C port, the MXT115 offers the fastest charge time for devices like handheld two-way radios, cellphones, tablets, etc. 



Midland's MXT275 keeps users connected with its 15 watts of power, more than three times the power of CB radio and traditional handheld two-way radios.

This GMRS radio features a Fully-Integrated Control Microphone. All the radio's base station controls can be found on the microphone. This means users can hide the radio unit away in the glove compartment, in the center console, or under the passenger seat of their vehicle. 

With its compact size and ease of use, installation only takes minutes and can simply be connected to a vehicle's DC adaptber.

Like the MXT115, the MXT275 is compatible with all Midland FRS and GMRS two-way radios. The MXT275 also gives users access to all 15 GMRS channels and is repeater capable with its eight repeater channels.

It's NOAA Weather Radio keeps users safe and alert if inclement weather heads their way. With information directly from the National Weather Service so outdoor adventurers can take the necessary steps in case of severe weather or emergencies.



Level up power with the MXT400, built with 40 Watts of power. That's four times the power level of CB radios.

Repeater capable and with 15 pre-programmed GMRS channels, the MXT400 packs a powerful punch and is perfect for keeping outdoor adventurers connected on large pieces of land.

The MXT400 also features more than 140 privacy codes so you and those you're exploring with don't have to worry about your communication being interrupted by others on the trail.

Boost up your range with Midland's MXT400, taking communication further, no matter the adventure.



Unprecedented power, unprecedented range. 

Midland's MXT500 brings 50 watts of power. That's the maximum power allowed by law. This will take all your communication to new levels while also bringing clear and reliable communication.

The MXT500 also comes with an IP66 Waterproof so this is a radio that performs in all the elements.

Midland's MXT500 is both narrow and wide band, utilizing 15 GMRS channels and eight high-powered repeater channels. Not to mention, the MXT500 is also split tone capable. 

Outdoor Adventurers can take their safety into their own hands as the MXT500 is equipped with NOAA Weather Radio. With NOAA Weather Radio, the MXT500 receives alerts straight from the National Weather Service as soon as it's issued, giving adventurers the ability to seek shelter or reach safety.

Charge your devices like cellphones, tablets, and walkies using the MXT500 and its USB-C charging port. This will give you the fastest charge time.

Compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS two-way radios, the MXT500 transforms communication, no matter the adventure.



Like the MXT500, the MXT575 takes radio power to the max with 50 Watts of power, bringing crisp and clear communication you can count on.

With its Fully-Integrated Control Microphone, the MXT575's controls are all on the microphone. With this microphone, you can hide the radio unit away, keeping your dash space from getting crowded. Change channels, turn up the volume, and transmit with the push of a button right in your hand.

The MXT575 operates on both wide and narrow band, utilizing 15 high-powered GMRS channels and eight repeater channels. Like the MXT500, the MXT575 is split tone capable. 

Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, users will get information directly from the National Weather Service in case severe weather in on the way. This gives adventurers the information they need in case of inclement weather.

With it's USB-C charging port, users will get the fastest possible charge time for their devices like walkie talkies, cellphones, and tablets. 

Compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS radios, the MXT575 takes two-way radio usage to new levels.

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