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August 26, 2022

August 26 is National Dog Day.
To celebrate, Midland Radio employees are sharing their favorite pictures of their furry friends.


Owner: Bruce

Breed: Coton de Tulear

Fun fact: “If you leave your backpack on the floor, I will unzip the zippers and snoop around inside.”



Owner: Grace

Breed: Lab and Weiner Dog

Fun Fact: "She literally the first lab and wiener dog I have ever seen!" -Owner Grace



Also known as Tobiwan Kenobi

Owner: Michael

Breed: Havanese

Fun Fact: Has incredible patience watching & waiting for “mom” to come home, and welcomes her with the same incredible intensity whether she’s been gone 5 days, 5 hours, or 5 minutes!



Owner: Audrey

Breed: Newfypoo

Fun fact: Her favorite snack is popcorn


Owner: Reghan

Breed: Lab/Retriever Mix

Fun Fact:  Very smart and loves learning new tricks for a treat



Owner: Reghan

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Fun Fact: Out of all of her siblings she is the only one with ears that point up like this. We think she is some type of shepherd mix!



Owner: Mark

Breed: Japanese Chin

Fun Fact: He likes to chase the stray cats out of the back yard.



Owner: Rebecca

Breed: Golden Doodle

Fun Fact: He likes to be close all the time! 



Owner: Butch

Breed: Australian Shephard

Fun Fact: She enjoys riding in the car with people! 



Owner: Butch

Breed: Border Collie

Fun Fact: She believed she was a rug at the front door! See the picture below!



Owner: Kam

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Fun Fact: He tips the scale at 4.5 lbs! 



Owner: Caileigh

Breed: Boston Terrier

Fun Fact: While Delta is only 15 pounds, she often finds herself bossing around dogs more than five times her size 



Owner: Andrew

Breed: French Bulldog 

Fun Fact: Lockett is named after Kansas State Alum and NFL All Pro Receiver, Tyler Lockett.


Harley, Willow, Vader

Owner: Paola

Breed: Australian/Dane Mix, Terrier Mix, Euro Dane

Fun Fact: Harley likes to eat bugs. When Willow gets excited she sounds like a pig (nicknamed Piglet). Vader will low growl/bark at you when he wants to cuddle.



Owner: Olivia

Breed: Red Lab

Fun Fact: Auburn is very talented and can destroy any and every toy even if it is a tough chewer toy!


Gatsby and Fitzgerald

Owner: Olivia

Breed: Gatsby is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Fitz is a Pembroke Welsh Fluffy Corgi

Fun Fact: Gatsby’s full name is Sir Gatsby DeCaprio the 1st. Fitzgerald loves to eat peanut butter. He will stand on his hind legs and balance for 5 minutes licking the spoon! 

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