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June 01, 2022

June marks National Camping Month. 

Because it's National Camping Month, we've taken a look at KOA's camping report, put together a list of top campsites at US National Parks, and included a few must-have items for your next camping adventure.


According to KOA's 2022 North American Camping Report, more and more people are continuing to get out and camp.

This trend has continued since the onset of the pandemic.

In 2021, camping accounted for 40% of all leisure trips taken. 53% of travelers have included camping in some or all of their trips.

Because more people are camping, 44% of campers said they camped less in 2021 due to overcrowding. Overcrowding also changed the way 44% of people camped with 45% of experienced campers saying that the entrance of newcomers into camping, lowered the quality of their camping experience.


  • 93.8 million- the number of active camper households in the US in 2021
  • 56.9 million- the number of households who camped at least once in 2021
  • 9.1million - the number of first-time camper households in 2021

In total, almost 57 million households camped at least once in 2021. That is up from 48.2 million in 2020 and 42 million in the pre-pandemic year of 2019. 


According to KOA's report, urban campers became one of the most active group of campers. 

This group of campers is most likely to camp frequently in terms of nights and trips.

While they increased their camping in 2021, they also plan on camping even more in 2022. 

The report found that 36% of urban campers report taking up the activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and say avoiding crowds is a perk of camping. 

Urban campers are more likely to camp in tents, but of those who RV, 82% said they are owners. KOA also finds that urban campers are looking to take on new experiences in 2022. In terms of new experiences, 58% are interested in RV'ing, 54% in back country camping, 54% in taking a road trip, and 51% are interested in overlanding. 


1. Madison Campground, Yellowstone National Park

As one of Yellowstone's five reservable campgrounds, this is one of the park's most popular campgrounds. 

However, experts said that is also because of its central location, long season, and close proximity to nearby rivers. 

The Madison Campground is about 16 miles north of Old Faithful.

Those camping here have the chance to get a look at bison, bull elk, wildflowers, and more. 

At this campground you will find potable water, flush toilets, firewood and ice for sale, on-site staff or volunteers, food storage lockers, trash and recycling collection service, and more. 

While there are 278 spots at the Madison Campground, make sure to grab your spot as soon as possible as it's Yellowstone's 150th anniversary this year!


2. Blackwoods Campground, Arcadia National Park

Arcadia National Park spans 47,000 acres on the Atlantic coast in Maine. 

In the park you'll find woodland, rocky beaches, and glacier granite peaks including Cadillac Mountain- the highest point on the US's East Coast.

The Blackwoods Campground is in a forested area of the park and is within walking distance to the Park Loop Road...and stunning ocean views. 

The camping season at this campground is May 6-October 16. No off-season or winter camping is allowed. 

There are 306 sites at the campground and you'll be required to present the registration and payment when you arrive. 

Don't miss out on this campground with a 10-minute walk to the beach and chance to spot wildlife such as moose, bears, whales, and seabirds. 

3. Fish Creek Campground, Glacier National Park

Fish Creek Campground is located in one of the most famous of the National Parks, Glacier National Park in Montana.

Here you'll find the best views of the rivers and lakes, pristine forests, meadows, mountains, and of course the glaciers. 

The Fish Creek Campground is the second largest campground in the park. 

It's also one of three campgrounds within Glacier National Park that takes reservations, so you'll want to act fast if you're planning your family trip during a short camping season between May and September. 

With 177 sites, it's a popular destination for both RVs and tents. The campground has potable water and restroom facilities with flush toilets and sinks with running water.


4. Orzette Campground, Olympic National Park

Head to Washington and Olympic National Park to take in the sights of the country's only temperate rain forests. 

Along with the park's sublime views of trees, you'll also get to see glacier-topped mountains. 

This park has everything for the outdoor adventurer to explore. 

The Orzette Campground is remote with only 15 sites and its off-the-beaten-path location. 

It's at this campground you'll be able to get some peace and quiet with access to hikes through the forest to get to Orzette River and Lake. 

The sites are lakeside and offer up a range of water activities for you and your fellow travelers to enjoy. 

There aren't reservations so experts recommend arriving mid-week to ensure you can secure a spot. 

5. White River Campground, Mount Rainier National Park 

Also in Washington is the White River Campground in Mount Rainier National Park.

The White River Campground is nestled 3,000 feet into a glacial canyon.

At the campground you'll find the forest lined with pine trees. 

It's located in the northeastern section of park and is a great place to start all your adventures this renowned park has to offer. 

The White River Campground is only open seasonly. It opens in 2022 on June 24 and usually is open through September. There are no reservations and sites come on a first serve basis. 

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Mount Rainier and the White River Campground. 



Midland Radio is hosting a month long giveaway for National Camping Month.

There will be one winner each week during the month of June. Winners will be notified via email.

Winners will receive a set of X-Talker T31VP Walkie Talkies, Midland's High Powered Joe Coffee, and an ER50 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio.


Midland Radio will be running a sale to mark National Camping Month.

Everything on the camping page will be 15% off beginning June 1 and running through the 13.  


Whether you're heading out to camp in a tent or RV, grab your Midland Radio gear to ensure you don't miss a beat.

Cellphone service isn't reliable, especially when you're camping in the most remote of locations. 


Midland's walkie talkies make communicating with fellow travelers easy and reliable. 

Grab a set of these walkie talkies with impressive battery life fit to endure your outdoor adventures. 

With these walkie talkies you can feel safe in letting your kids explore on their own, split up on a hike, efficiently coordinate backing in the RV, and more. 

Midland Radio's T71s bring crisp and clear communication wherever you are.



Your safety shouldn't be an afterthought or something you gamble.

With Midland Radio's portable NOAA Weather Radio, you'll get emergency alerts that will keep you safe while exploring the outdoors. Not to mention, those alerts will come through as soon as the National Weather Service issues them.

You also won't have to worry about this life-saving device's ability to get power. It can receive power through a rechargeable battery, micro USB charging cable, solar panel, and hand crank. 

In case you find yourself navigating the campsite late at night, the ER50 is equipped with a flashlight to help pave your way.

Take yours and your fellow traveler's safety into your own hands and prepare ahead of time with the right gear for your camping adventure.

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