May 26, 2022

Midland Radio is expanding its MicroMobile line with the MXT500 and MXT575

We caught up with Adventurers Journey about how they're using the 50-watt radio to stay connected while exploring the outdoors.


Jose and Andrea Ramirez are based out of Southern Arizona. They take their seven and nine year old kids on adventures in their overlanding vehicles about every two weeks.

The Ramirez family camps about 97% of the time they're on the road. With their overlanding vehicles, they have the option to camp on their rooftop or on the ground. When camping for long periods of time, the family chooses their ground tent.

Spending time together is the most rewarding aspect of their adventures.

“Spending time together is our favorite part. Sometimes we get so distracted during the day between work and school…we get very busy. When we’re camping we separate ourselves from work, school, the city, everything else and we have the best conversations. It’s unforgettable moments right then and there," Jose Ramirez said.

The Ramirez family has traveled all over the country spending time at campgrounds in states like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, and Texas. 



The Ramirez family has Midland's MXT575 installed in their 2020 Toyota Tacoma. 

"The thing I love about this unit is that you can hide the radio base away. It's much more comfortable on the long trips," Jose said.

One of the MXT575's favorite features includes a fully integrated microphone. 

"It's so much easier to control the radio when you do it through the mic."

However, the eight repeater channels are another selling point. 

“If you’re in an emergency, having those repeater channels make it easier to get ahold of people. For example, sometimes you’re on a solo trip without any cellphone reception and those repeater channels give you the ability to communicate with others when you need to.”

When traveling, Ramirez knows just how important the NOAA Weather Radio feature is on his two-way radios. 

“Having the weather channels will help you a lot. In the backcountry you don’t have any cellphone service. The weather can change in a matter of minutes and if you’re out there with your family or others, having that tool keeps you safe," he said. 

Ramirez has the MXT400 installed in their other rig. The MXT575 replaced their MXT275. The MXT275 has 15-watts of power. 

“The 40-watt and the 15-watts are so solid, but this 50-watt just takes things to the next level. I did see an increase in the milage and the clarity when I made that upgrade.”

The family plans to swap out the 40-watt with another Midland 50-watt in the near future because of the new radio's range.

“It’s working amazing in the back country. The communication quality has improved. The communication is so clear.”


The Ramirez family always makes sure to have walkie talkies on top of their MicroMobiles when heading out for a trip. Midland's MicroMobiles are compatible with all our FRS and GMRS handheld radios. 

“Sometimes we’re doing hiking and the kids have a radio in case we split up for a little bit or someone has to use the restroom. We always have our radios in case of an emergency," Ramirez said.

The family sometimes travels with others and uses walkie talkies in conjunction with MicroMobiles when taking on obstacles.

"You can guide drivers so easily when you're spotting. The walkie talkies go perfectly with Midland's MicroMobiles."

The family relies heavily on their radios when off-grid.

“Having the ability to communicate is crucial. You don’t want to be in a risky situation and not able to contact anybody. When you’re in the middle of nowhere with your family, a lot of things come to your mind. It can save lives.”


Due to the enthusiasm of our customers, Midland Radio has a limited stock of the MXT575. 

Head here to get yours while they are still available. 



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